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We offer you an open platform to share your thoughts with the world! Be it a marketing tool or a business idea, you can share it through your words. We welcome all the nascent writers with stunning ideas to come and write for us.

Our part:

You might have too many ideas in your mind. All they need is a perfect platform to find their way to the target audience. We are here to offer you that platform. We will ensure your valuable opinions hit the target and bring about a positive societal change. Our part is to offer you a blank canvas. Paint your colors according to your terms.

Your part:

Being a positive and growth medium, you should go around it as constructively as possible. Create content pieces that will spark growth, positivity, and knowledge in the general public. We appreciate ideas and opinions that spur research and exploration. Try not to defame slander through your words here!

Your Questions and Our Answers:

i) Which topics do you prefer to publish?

Our platform is broad enough to cover and publish various topics in different fields. We have been writing about a broad range of topics and fields. Do you want an outline? Go through the following topics:

  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Mobile applications
  • E-commerce
  • Infographics/videos
  • Technology
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health
  • Traveling
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Accounting & Finance (We don’t accept loan-related content)
  • Education (we accept US-based posts in this category at the moment)
  • Crypto Currency (At the moment, we don’t accept content related to it)
  • Casinos (Posts about this category are strictly prohibited)
  • Gaming (Posts about this category are strictly prohibited)
  • Gambling (Posts about this category are strictly prohibited)

ii) What is the acceptable word count/limit?

Writers who can shape their ideas and opinions in 1200-1500 words are our best partners. Does it sound well enough to you? Great! We could be friends in writing!

iii) Will my content be valued?

We are all open to accepting and posting relevant topics with colorful ideas. If you think your article is solid, we will give it all the value it deserves. Our platform attracts readers from different walks, and your words can make their time worth it! However, you should avoid reposting this piece somewhere else to avoid redundancy.

iv) Would you need any topic-specific details in advance?

We are always keen to know what budding writers will share before posting. If you are interested in guest posting on our platform, we would appreciate any topic-related details in advance. We will let you know if it is relevant and postable; thanks.