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How to Fix Your Server Down Issues?

A server is always busy managing and maintaining numerous computers connected with it. The client-server architecture is too complicated to understand, especially when there are issues. It is no surprise that your server will face countless issues on numerous occasions. How you respond to these issues and troubleshoot them will define your problem-solving abilities. With various technicalities down the road, you need to understand server down issues and their solutions. Are you up for the task? Keep walking with us!

Tips for Troubleshooting Server Down Issues:

Server down issues occurs too frequently, but the skill is how you manage and troubleshoot these problems. We have gathered a list of useful techniques that can help you throw the problem away. Let us go through these techniques one by one.

1. Network structure analysis:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is analyzing your network structure. Network analysis is nothing but finding the touchpoints of computers, processes, and networks associated with the server. A good view of network vulnerabilities will expose you to the bigger picture to easily spot the issue.

The analysis will help you spot the area where the problem exists. Be it a small cluster of connected computers or a cable problem, you will better understand the issue and correct it once detected.

2. Analyze your network layout:

Connection analysis is another step you should go by after you have studied the network structure. It would be best if you analyzed your server connectivity by learning your network layout. Understanding the nuts and bolts of your server issue will test your problem-solving skills, and you need to show your expertise.

Various tools are used to map out the server down issues. One of the widely used tools is IPCONFIG that can help you spot the error area. A network diagnostic application will assist you in fixing the problem in no time and bring the server back on track.

3. Verify your WAN and LAN connections:

A smaller mistake sometimes causes a larger headache. Your PC’s WAN and LAN connections can also cause a server down problem, and you need to be watchful of this. Check out both the ports on either end of the server. Swapping the Ethernet cable can sometimes also be helpful in fixing the WAN and LAN connectivity problem.

4. No IP address:

An unknown IP address will automatically lead to a server down problem. A IP will ultimately result in server down, and you need to obtain a valid one to bring your server back on track.

One key trick to solve this issue is to enable a DHCP server. Moreover, you can obtain an IP address by opening the network sharing center and click obtain an IP address. The sooner you obtain the IP, the quicker your server will be up and running.

5. Check your server host:

Your hosting partner sometimes falls short of managing the shared or dedicated server, and the connected persons cannot access it. The problem is more frequent and recurring in cheap hosting packages, and hence, businesses should avoid buying them.

One of the best techniques to avoid this issue is to partner with a reliable web hosting company. The services they offer and the technical support are extravagant, and you can enjoy an error-free server. Connect with web hosting Dubai-based companies today and enjoy the perks.

6. Record maintenance:

Maintaining detailed information related to your server can help you avoid server down issues. Maintaining and monitoring the server connection is easier when you use the recommended tools. Understanding record maintenance isn’t easy and you need to go through various web hosting plans.

7. Traceroute:

Utilizing traceroute is a technical aspect known to few. The data packets travel to and from the server in a specific order. You need to analyze if the packets are traveling in line when your server is down. The best way to do it is using the utility on the command-line interface.

Once you enter the command, you will get a list of data packets as an output. If the data packets are listed in order, there is no issue with your network connection. If they are disordered, you need to fix your network connectivity to bring your server back online.

The techniques mentioned earlier are commonly practiced, and you should do the same when confronted with a down server. Some of them are technical, and a commoner may not understand but taking an expert onboard would help.

Solve your Server Issues With Expert Web Hosts!

Most of the server down issues trace back to web hosting partners. It would be best to connect with a reliable web hosting partner to enjoy upkeep and a well-maintained server to keep your website flourish.

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