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A Brief Guide to Website Structure and Its Types

A website often consists of multiple pages to provide elaborate information and guidelines to the users. How the pages of the website are organized symbolizes its structure. Therefore, the website structure holds a significant position in ensuring its popularity among users.

Well-structured and user-friendly websites have played an essential role in the fast-paced progress of big business enterprises. Now, the websites have become a necessary need for even small businesses. However, most business owners are not familiar with website development and trust the amateur developers’ word.

This article aims to provide a brief guide to website structure and its types.

Top 4 Types of Website Structures You Can Opt for Your Website

The website structure ensures smooth navigation and a user-friendly experience for the target population of the business. There are four different types of website structures that differently serve the purpose of providing information to users. Businesses must opt for the right type of structure for their website to catch the eye of users.

The following are some of the most important types of website structures from, which you can easily opt for your next website.

1). Linear Website Structure

The very first type of structure is the linear structure. As evident from the name, this type flows in a linear form. All the website’s main and subpages are connected logically and linearly to ensure the provision of information in the simplest form.

This type of structure is mostly used for instructional websites, such as schools, academies, and universities. Most business organizations acquire the service of a web development company, share their requirement of linear structure, and get the best website.

2). Webbed Website Structures

The second most common type used for the websites is the webbed structure. As the name suggests, in the webbed website structure, the website’s main and subpages are interlinked and connected in the form of a web.

The webbed website structure is mostly used for informative and catalog-based websites. It is most suitable for businesses related to cosmetics, retail, apparel, etc. There is a vast range of categories, and this type of structure can easily support their display for the site users.

3). Tiered Website Structures

The third structure, which is not so common for the modern era’s websites, is the tiered structure. This type of structure is mostly used for websites that have multiple main and subpages. In other words, it means there is too much information to be shared with the users.

The tiered website structure is mostly used for businesses with multiple subbranches or categories, e.g., the construction business. The business owners might need multiple main pages for industrial, commercial, and residential construction and their multiple subbranches.

4). Hybrid Website Structures

The last and most common type mostly used by big business corporations is the hybrid website structure. In such a structure, the web designer links the subpages in a hierarchical, and sequential manner, keeping in view the ease of users.

The hybrid structure is mostly used for the websites of government departments. Hospitals, logistics, transportation companies, etc. also use such a structure for their websites. If you are one of these businesses and planning to get a new website, you can opt for this structure. You can hire the service of Spiral Click, a web development company in Dubai, and let the experienced developers create your dream website, which facilitates your users.

Choose the right website structure to boost user experience!

The structure of the site plays an important role in defining the quality of experience for the users. On the other hand, the user experience defines the website’s popularity and ensures a boost in profitability. So, you need to pay attention to the website structure. Because it will later positively impact the user experience and ensure your business growth.

If you are not sure which type of structure will suit your business website best, you can consult the opinion of professionals. You can ensure to not only opt for the best-suited layout by also get a perfectly developed website that provides smooth navigation and user experience. So, contact the professionals now and get the best website to attract more users.


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