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Importance of SMS Marketing for Restaurants and Takeaway Services

The importance of SMS advertising for businesses is vital. For every business, SMS advertising has become a tool for increasing sales and revenue. SMS advertising is one of the most efficient and less expensive means of marketing your product and services. Like other businesses, food businesses and restaurants are also using SMS marketing. Every day we get SMS notifications from different food delivery, offering various deals and packages.

Such messages from the restaurants are like a blessing to the people busy with their work all day. Responding to messages from restaurants and asking them about the availability of your favorite food is now possible. People are getting more information about different food delivery services and many options from which they can choose. On the other hand, restaurants and takeaway services can now access a large number of diners and increase their sales through SMS advertising.

There are many ways through which restaurants and take away services implement SMS advertising strategy. There are different mechanisms for identifying target customers and retaining potential customers. In the UAE, SMS marketing for restaurants is gaining popularity each passing day because of the increasing number of restaurants and a wide range of diverse people living there.

Why SMS marketing so essential for restaurants in UAE?

SMS campaign plays a significant role in bringing diners and customers because one cannot get the people to try your food individually. Competition in the market is increasing, and people are now having more food options than in the past.  SMS marketing for restaurants in such situations is the only way to reach many customers and retain those customers in the future.

If you are thinking of promoting the food you make or a new restaurant in town, text marketing is the most efficient way of promoting and creating hype. SMS marketing for restaurants in UAE is not a matter to worry about as SMS advertising in Dubai has proved its potential to target the customers.

What benefits do restaurants get from SMS advertising?

There are various benefits that restaurants can get through SMS advertising. Below are a few of them.

  • People will respond to the offers and deals mostly on special occasions and events. Restaurants can take benefit from this marketing strategy on such occasions.
  • Response rates will be higher. Customers will either order food or reserve their seats at the restaurant.
  • Restaurants will spend a little on the marketing campaign and will generate high revenue in return.

What are the best ways to use SMS marketing for restaurants?

There are many purposes for which restaurants send messages to customers, and the kind of SMS depends on the restaurant’s purpose.

1). Promotional messages

Customers get information on deals, coupons, and special offers. The discounts on special occasions and events are a part of promotional messages. Customers are highly responsive towards special requests by the restaurants and takeaway services.

2). Alert messages/ Transactional messages

Customers get transactional messages on the confirmation or cancelation of the reservation of their seats. Reminders and alerts are sent to the customer to remind him or her about commitments with the restaurant.

What is the perfect time to send SMS?

It is necessary to analyze the age groups and the people you target to know the time constraints for targeting them. Apart from the people’s analysis, you must know what is on your menu; if you are a restaurant with lunch items on the menu, then there is no use to send the deals and promotional offers to the people early in the morning. Likewise, if your menu has breakfast items sending them deals at noon and night is useless.

How to identify your target audience for restaurant SMS marketing?

One of the efficient ways to identify your potential customer is by looking at the previous records. Identify the people who have placed their orders very frequently. Send the SMS and alerts to the active customers and the customers who are likely to place orders. Restaurants or takeaway services should not send promotional or special offer alerts to people who are not in favor of buying food from the restaurants.

Group your customers in different sections depending upon their frequency of ordering food. Some people are regular and frequent buyers, and some are less frequent and order food once or twice a month. Send your promotional and special offers more frequently to the frequent buyers.

You can also group your customers based on their age. The frequency of the younger generation ordering food on weekends or late at night will be higher than the families who hit the sack right at 9 pm and have their breakfasts early in the mornings and dinners not late than 7 pm.

SMS marketing is successful for restaurants and takeaway services in Dubai because of effective customer targeting strategies. One must understand the nature of the customer before targeting them. Targeting every single person could result in a waste of money and time.

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