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Top UK Universities To Apply For Study Without IELTS

The United Kingdom is one of those places in the world where every student wants to be for higher education. International students have always been a very significant presence in the country. Especially in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan, students feel a fascination for this country like none other.

In 2014, Pakistan was ranked among the top ten countries where students had come from, for studying in the UK. But study abroad aspirants feel troubled when they find out that they need to attempt the IELTS exam before they can be considered for admission in the UK.

Well, it’s time to bust the myth for you because there are many opportunities you can explore, which do not require you to prove your English proficiency by a standardized test, which costs roughly 31,000 Pakistani rupees. If you want to avoid IELTS, because of financial constraints or any other reason, you can explore your options by reading this article.

Top Options to Study in the UK without IELTS

The United Kingdom is house to many well-recognized universities. Not all of those require you to appear for IELTS. Some let you apply for admission and use alternative ways to assess your proficiency in the language of communication as an international student. As a student, you can find out your options with the help of this article and then seek the help of study abroad consultants to get assistance in admission procedures and visa facilitation.

You might find your best options below:

1. London Southbank University

Those of you aspiring to land in Great Britain for higher studies, have the best choice at London Southbank University. Especially if you have scored well in your previous degree, and have an excellent academic record, you can make your way to the merit list of this university easily. Major courses that you can opt for include Vehicle Engineering, Animation, Baking sciences, business foundations, and Law.

2. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol provides you with direct admission for undergraduate courses. This university was established in the sixteenth century, and it considers your application without asking you for the IELTS score. If you are interested in studying Accounting, Aerospace, Anthropology, and History of Biochemistry, the University of Bristol is the obvious choice for you to apply.

3. Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield is one of the top universities in the UK located in South Yorkshire. If you are looking for a specialization opportunity in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Animation, social sciences, or Business studies, you can choose this university and apply for it without having attempted the IELTS exam.

4. University of Warwick

Warwick is one the first university of its kind in the UK which is research-led and hence offers a long-term learning experience for its students. The university is house 26.5 thousand students currently. Among these students, 9.5K belong to 147 nationalities. The IFP program welcomes around 250 international students every year.

You may now get an idea of how welcoming this university is towards international students. It doesn’t require you to attempt IELTS before applying for admission, either.

Are You an Aspirant to Study in the UK without IELTS?

The United Kingdom is and may remain the favorite study abroad destination of students for decades to come. Your competition is tough, and the stakes are high. Now that you’ve chosen your study destination, you need to be a bit careful along the way.

Seek help from study abroad consultants to ensure your success in securing admission. If you’re not willing to attempt IELTS for any reason, you’re still deserving to reach there. Just stay determined!

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