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Top 6 Types of Heating Systems to Consider in Apartments

Heating is the core component of indoor air quality and is a must-have for residential apartments. The occupant’s comfort is almost incomplete without this property, and houseowners should never overlook it. Being a regulatory requirement, it is imperative to ask for this property before purchasing or renting an apartment. Irrespective of being a costly comfort, not having this in your apartment means missing something crucial. Before dwelling on the importance of a heating system, it is essential to know about its types. This post will uncover different types of apartment heating systems you should pay attention to. Keep reading to learn more!

Top Apartment Heating System Types:

Efficient heating in an apartment is vital for landlords, and tenants should ask for it before purchasing. Today’s modern apartments have efficient heating systems in place depending on the locality and size of an apartment. We have compiled a few heating systems in this post, which you must pay attention to before a purchasing decision. Let us go through them without any further ado!

1. Central Heating:

The central heating system is commonly found in large apartment complexes and houses. It distributes the warm air to multiple parts of an apartment using the building ductwork. Using an underfloor air distribution ductwork, one heat-originating point delivers warmth to all parts.

A central heating system might cost you extra money, but the robust infrastructure will deliver excellent results, no matter how cold it gets! The procedure usually has the following subsystems, which you must know.

i) Furnaces:

A furnace usually works by heating a metal exchanger. The furnace system will push the warm air through the exchanger before delivering it to the ductwork. The warm air gets delivered to multiple rooms of an apartment based on this system.

Furnaces are commonly found in large apartments, and tenants are well-off with this system. It is considered a basic amenity, and you must not overlook it before finalizing your decision.

ii) Boilers:

Boilers incorporate the piping system of an apartment to spread the heat to various parts and rooms. The heat is distributed through pump-forced water, which travels through the pipes around the entire building or apartment.

Room-facing radiators are used to push the heat into the rooms. With an effective piping system in place, an apartment will never face an issue regarding the boiler heating system.

2. Perimeter Heating System:

A perimeter heating system works on the exact mechanism as the previous one. It uses the ductwork installed in an apartment, but instead of underfloor distribution, it opts for ductwork on the outer area like walls. It has the following sub-types in place, which you must understand.

i) Trench Heating System:

Trench heaters use natural convection to warm the air and deliver it to various rooms and sections in an apartment. Instead of using radiators, it draws the air through the grille, heats it, and gives it back to the rooms.

Various apartments have a hydronic trend heating system in place, while some settle for electric systems. Both systems have numerous advantages and are energy-efficient. Moreover, they can free up floor space and deliver thermal comfort to tenants.

ii) Pedestal heaters:
Pedestal heaters are also considered a significant type of perimeter heating, and you can opt for them for better thermal comfort. Unlike other options we have discussed, a pedestal heater is installed on floor level.

3. Direct Heating:

The option of the direct heating system comes into place when there is no pre-installed ductwork system in a building. A direct heating system can heat rooms and individual units but is not ideal for large units and apartments. We can discuss two sub-types under this heading which are given below.

i) Gas-fired space heater:

Gas-fired heaters are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose the one based on your apartment. You may find them in wall-mounted, free-standing, and floor-based forms.

ii) Electric space heaters:

Electric space heaters are portable and cost-effective, and you can buy them at a lower cost, and they are energy-efficient. However, they are not as reliable as the other heating options and you should look for an unfailing system should you opt for this.

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