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Why Your Construction Business Needs a Website: 5 Crucial Reasons

Adaptation is a key factor of survival and growth. That is true not just for human beings but applies to business practices too. And 21st-century customers are tech-savvy; they want to know about a company before making a deal with them. As per American Business Association, six out of ten people expect a company to have an online presence.

So, your construction business needs a strong online presence to attract clients. And a website is a stepping stone towards that. If you are still wondering whether you should build a website for your construction company, we offer you five compelling reasons why you must-

1) Customer demand:

As of January 2021, 4.66 billion people use the internet- that’s 59.5 percent of the global population. Most buyers prefer to check things online before making a purchase decision.

Sure, you have a Facebook page, an active Twitter presence, and people like your Instagram posts. But that does only half the job.

About 50% of customers still prefer a website to gather information about your company. Your site is your 24/7 brand representative. The survey shows that customers tend to scroll off websites that are not user-friendly or have broken links. So, if your construction company does not have a website, you are losing the race

2) Lead generation:

Offline marketing does help in building your brand reputation and getting new clients. But that has a rather limited scope. Besides, why depend on word of mouth when you can showcase your work to many people through your construction website.

With a website, your business can reach people beyond your geographical area. Moreover, a new customer from another place won’t believe in word of mouth, will they? New clients need evidence of your past work, your portfolio.

Having a website gives you control over your public image. While your website is the mouthpiece for your brand value and credibility, your brand logo is representative of that. With AI-enabled construction logo makers available online, it is easy as pie to create a suitable logo for your company.

Additionally, a website is a way to connect with your clients and develop a close-knit community with your regular customers.  It also allows you to showcase your works to diverse clients from different regions. Your online footprint will generate new leads resulting in a global presence. Look at top start-ups or established businesses; every professional market-strategist has tapped into the international market.

3) Credibility:

Credibility is what builds a better relationship with your clients. A user-friendly website with testimonials from satisfied customers lays the foundation for a prospective business.

Think about it, why would new clients trust you with their 250000$ renovation project? How will you convince them that your company has adequate resources and expertise to handle it? Indeed, not just with your great social media presence!

Today’s clients are well-informed and sceptical about social media presence. So, update your website with relevant information, your previous projects. Encourage the visitors to leave feedback and queries in the comment section and respond to them promptly.

4) Stay ahead of the curve: –

Have you ever googled about the construction business in your locality and found your competitors’ websites outranking you? Your page either at the bottom of the page or didn’t appear at all?

If that’s the case, your website is not effective enough to generate new leads, which means your marketing strategy lacks some vital points. However, this should not be a cause of major concern, as there are a few simple steps through which you can improve your SERP ranking.

Optimizing your website around SEO guidelines might prove to be a shot in the arm for your business. Use global and local keywords to stand apart among the crowd. Furthermore, as most users access the internet via mobile, a responsive website will ward off potential buyers.

5) More profit:

Are you familiar with the term ‘webrooming’? If you are not, you should be because that’s the gen-z buying strategy. Instead of ‘showrooming’, where you try out a product offline before buying it online, ‘webrooming’ means researching online about the product before purchasing from an offline store.

If your website lists all the products available at your store, buyers can compare, verify and crosscheck with other stores before buying. Additionally, if you offer a discount, your customers will get to know you from your website. This will also give you an edge over your local rivals.

We hope that we have headed home the importance of having a website for your construction business irrespective of the scale of your business. Let’s accept the harsh truth- if your business doesn’t have an online presence, for most people, it is non-existent. About 50% of consumers today use company websites to get information about a business. If you were not paying attention to this aspect of marketing, it’s high time you should. The motto is simple, more the traffic, more the profit!

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