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When Should Your Business Opt For Outsourced Cold Calling?

Surviving, let alone thriving, is quite tricky for small business organizations in competitive markets like the UAE. Social media marketing is quite effective in increasing sales and winning; however, small companies’ marketing budget is not enough to give it a go. Cold calling their prospects and convincing them is the only tool available to them.

Cold calling is quite an effective strategy as it promotes link building in real-time and has a greater success rate. However, the success rate is only higher when handled by skilled, well-trained and professional cold call agents. Most business organizations hire one or two agents and leave their potential prospects on them, which they often fail to win. This leads them to suspect the effectiveness of the strategy when they should think about outsourcing it.

Keep scrolling this article in detail to learn when your business organization should opt for outsourcing the cold calling service.

Top 7 Signs Your Business Need to Outsource Cold Calling Services

Business organizations utilize a variety of strategies to increase their sales. Some of them earn them success, while others do not yield positive results. It does not mean that the strategy that did not work for them is useless, but they could not utilize it properly. The same is the case for your business if cold calling is not bringing you the desired results. It may be high time to consult the professionals.

Here are the top signs that your business needs to outsource cold calling and step on the ladder of success.

1. Goal Achievement Rate is Too Low

In most cases, the call agents keep trying to connect with potential prospects. They have clear goals and objectives in front of them. They fail to win the prospects even after making longer calls. The too-low goal achievement rate is the biggest sign that your need to outsource the service. This is the point that prompts most business organizations to acquire the help of experienced cold calling companies and increase their goal achievement rate due to professionals’ involvement.

2. Call Agents are Too Distracted

An important sign that your business needs to outsource cold calling is that your call agents are too distracted. It may be due to external factors like the working atmosphere, proper calling equipment and call setup, or internal factors like low self-esteem, confidence, and skill level. Whatever the reason, if agents are distracted, cold calling cannot yield you a positive result.

3. Poor Leads

A warning sign to outsource cold calling is poor leads. You invest your time, energy and resources into hiring the agents and providing them all the necessary tools and setup. Even after this, if you are not landing successful and long-term leads, there is no point in wasting your resources. Get in touch with outsource cold calling professionals and ensure to win more and more sales leads.

4. Weak Return on Investment

Another important sign that you should opt for outsourcing cold calling is the weak return on investment. It means that your strategy is not completely useless. It helps your win two to three leads once in a while, but the return on investment is not high enough to compensate for the lost leads.

5. Inexperienced Call Agents

There can be no bigger and brighter warning signs to outsource cold calling than having inexperienced call agents on board. Untrained agents are specifically a headache for small businesses, as they try to recruit the staff at lower rates. They do not have enough resources to train them and then suffer a loss due to their lack of skills. So, opt for outsourcing the service from the get-go instead of wasting time and resources.

6. Increased Cost of Operation

Small business organizations usually stick to cold calling as their marketing strategy because of a low budget. On the other hand, if cold calling is causing an increased operation cost, it is a sign that you need to opt for the other option that is outsourcing it, which will limit your expense but bring positive results.

7. Inflexible Schedules

One of the most alarming signs that you should consider outsourcing cold calling is the inflexible schedule. Suppose your potential prospects are in a different time zone. You cannot start another work shift for the sake of call agents and monitor them. In such a scenario, you can hire experienced cold calling companies and let the trained and professional agents secure more and more leads for your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Cold Calling Service

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your organization, it is high time to utilize other options. However, if you are hesitant to rely on it, you need to explore the benefits it offers to make up your mind. Consult the professional as soon as possible, and you will see a stark difference in performance. Here are a few benefits to motivate you.

  • Improvised calls according to the response of prospects.
  • Use of persuasive and encouraging phrases to get attention.
  • Use of exciting calls to action to get desired results.
  • More focused on problem resolution than selling.

Now that you are well aware of the signs of outsourcing your calling service and its benefits, it is only right to get a quote from professionals. Do not add to your loss by sticking to old ideals and make the most of a helping hand offered by the trained agents.

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