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Top 7 Types of Construction Scheduling Methods You Can Opt From

Construction schedules hold great importance and value in construction projects and industry. The schedules highlight every little detail of the project, from the construction planning to the closeout phases. In other words, the construction scheduling process is the roadmap of any project, which informs the involved parties of the completed and upcoming stages of the project and the completion time.

Having a perfect roadmap in front of them helps the constriction stakeholders like the project owners, project managers, designers, architects, and contractors to follow it diligently to avoid issues like claims and delays. The stakeholders often forget that they can utilize various scheduling methods to achieve smooth project completion.

Read this article to explore different construction scheduling methods, improve your projects’ quality, and ensure timely completion.

Top 7 Construction Scheduling Methods You Can Opt From

Starting the construction project without having a clear plan and path in mind will only make the involved parties indulge in disputes. They will try to offer the best options for continuing the development and blaming each other if they fail to achieve the expected results. Following a scheduling method can save them from extra hassles, disputes, and conflicts in such a scenario. And also guide them to achieve their targets smoothly.

Here are the top construction scheduling techniques you can opt from, which easily according to your project requirements.

1. Critical Path Method

The critical path method is one of the most common construction scheduling methods, and it is also called a critical path analysis. This type of schedule is developed by creating a network diagram highlighting the sequence of tasks and projects following the specific path. The parties still acquire the help of delay experts to oversee the progress and lend support in critical times where progress is lagging behind schedule.

2. Line of Balance

Line of balance is another common construction scheduling method. This scheduling method is usually implied in projects that include repetitive activity. The balance scheduling method measures the cost, time, and project completion plan and ensures nothing falls behind the schedule.

3. Resource-Oriented Scheduling

Resource-oriented scheduling is one of the most thoughtful construction scheduling methods. As the name suggests, this scheduling technique focuses on identifying the resources available for the construction projects and utilizing them efficiently to avoid wastage while ensuring timely and effective completion. It also reviews the resources, the parties and activities that will need the resources, and the particular time at which it will be required to manage the process efficiently.

4. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

The program evaluation and review technique is one of the most critical construction scheduling methods. This is because it pays more attention to analyzing the pipeline’s project activities. In other words, PERT evaluates and reviews the project’s activities in progress and evaluates the time duration in which they will be completed.

5. Q Scheduling

Q Scheduling is a different type of construction scheduling method. It focuses on scheduling the materials and equipment used in the project. It provides a clear description of the materials used and required in the project through a bar chart. This type of scheduling essentially provides support against delays due to improper material management.

6. Last Planner System

The last planner system is a unique scheduling method that is more like a planner than a method or tool. The last planner system bridges the gap between the teams or workers. It also devised a construction project schedule to not miss out on the important details. It smoothens the communication to follow the schedule efficiently and complete the project on time.

7. Gantt chart

Gantt chart is another common construction scheduling method. It utilizes the bar charts to depict the plan and the progress of the project. The unique aspect of this scheduling technique is that it highlights the dependency of one task or activity on the other to be completed efficiently in the given time. You can still hire the experts in your project to help you avoid delays or fix the related issues if you still face delays in project completion.

Pick the construction scheduling method wisely!

The pace, progress, and success of the construction projects significantly depend on the scheduling technique. Therefore, if you want to save your project from extra hassles and issues like disputes, delays, and claims, it is much better to pick the construction scheduling method wisely. In addition, it is equally critical to involve the experts in the project, so they offer a solution to the issues and save the project from any hindrance.

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