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What Are the Most Effective Ways to Lose Visceral Fat?

Ever looked at a relatively thin individual and been surprised at the size of their belly?

While saying someone has a ‘beer belly’ is cool, what you do not know is that the individual might be suffering from Visceral Fat.

The human body stores fat in two major ways. Subcutaneous fat is the one that is stored under the skin. This is the one that is visible and can be touched and felt.

Visceral fat, on the other hand, is the fat that lines our internal organs. This is the fat that gets deposited and stored around the stomach area. The next time you see someone with a pear or apple-shaped body, you will be able to spot the kind of visceral fat they are holding.

If left unchecked, it can be very dangerous. Every single one of us has a certain amount of visceral fat. But health problems can arise once an individual has too much.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most effective ways to lose visceral fat. If you are someone that is suffering from it, please read the article till the very end.

Visceral Fat: Causes and Health Risks

According to medical experts, visceral fat is a lifestyle issue and concern. In other words, it emerges as individuals start compromising on their healthy living activities. For example, eating too much fast food that is rich in calories is one major cause of visceral fat.

If you are not engaging in physical activities to burn all the calories you are intaking, the fat starts getting accumulated around the stomach areas. Drinking alcohol and smoking regularly are also some reasons why visceral fat starts getting concentrated.

Some of the common health risks associated with it are the following-

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Cancer
  3. Asthma
  4. Liver Diseases
  5. Infertility
  6. Gall Bladder Illnesses
  7. Heart Diseases
  8. Diabetes
  9. Spinal and Back Pain
  10. Arthritis

Doctors recommend that if you do not want to expose yourself to such health risks, you need to lose your body’s fat content as soon as possible.

List of 5 Effective Ways to Lose Visceral Fat

1. Strenuous Physical Exercises

If you have already accumulated visceral fat, you need to burn it in the right manner. This means engaging in regular exercises. Experts recommend exercising for thirty minutes every day. this can include cycling, running/jogging, and even brisk walking. You can also do squats, and strength training to trim down all the belly fat that you have earned over the years.

2. Eating Healthy and Green Foods

Visceral fat is in many ways, a reflection of what you are eating. If you are eating calorie-rich food, it will start showing in your body’s fat content. This means that you need to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Even if you feel like eating out, you can do that once a week. Start increasing the intake of leafy green vegetables, lean protein, and fruits in your diet.

3. Avoiding Smoking and Drinking

Medical experts have pointed out that in conjunction with calorie-rich food items, smoking and drinking can cause visceral fat. Alcohol contains a high percentage of sugar. By keeping away from these vices, not only do you reduce your chances of getting fatty, but you also protect yourself against other harmful diseases like cancers, heart attacks, and strokes.

4. Sleeping Well

Our body performs certain natural functions that help it repair itself. One such function is sleep. If you are sleeping well, have a set routine, and are getting seven to eight hours every night, your body will thank you for the same. This prevents the emergence of visceral fat in the stomach areas and allows you to improve body functions and metabolism rates.

5. Staying away from Aerated Drinks

If you want to do your body a favor, stay away from carbonated drinks. Our life has become so much dominated by soft drinks, energy drinks, and other sugary-laden liquids that we are seeing its dangerous effects on areas like visceral fat. This is dangerous and not healthy, no matter how much these companies try to paint it like that.

The Bottom Line

Visceral fat is something that needs to be tackled and addressed head-on. By following all the above steps, you will be able to lose it within a few months. The important bit is to stay disciplined and committed to eating healthy and exercising regularly.


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