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A Comprehensive Health Guide For Weight Conscious People

Health-conscious people are gifted. If you are one of them, it’s easy for you to get started on the right trajectory to achieve sound health. It’s time you get all the required knowledge to set out towards your destination. This blog gives answers to all your how’s and why’s regarding maintaining a healthy body weight.

What is a healthy weight?

Ideal body weights differ for males and females. They also vary according to age and height for every individual, male or female. There are many ways to determine if your body weight is in a healthy range. While none of the scales are perfect, the most common of these ways is Body Mass Index (BMI).

How to calculate BMI?

BMI calculation is not complex nowadays. You can easily find a BMI calculator online. All you have to do is input your height, weight, and age in the available form and click calculate. If your BMI ranges between 18.5 and 24.9, your weight is normal. If it is below 18.5, you are underweight according to your height. If it is 25 or above, you need to develop a weight management regime.

Warning signs for controlling weight

While BMI isn’t an all-encompassing scale for determining if your body weight is ideal, it gives you a fair enough idea of where you lie. You know it right in your heart if you are healthy or that excess weight is something you should take care of. If your BMI is above 24.9 and you get tired quickly, you are not physically fit. If it is lower than 18.5, it might be due to inherent reasons, but you’re the better judge in such a scenario.

Effective Tips for Weight Management

Weight management is a big concern for people with excess weight. Having BMI lower than 18.5 is seldom a concern among people, and it is rare as well.  Usually, people who are conscious of weight management need expert guidance and need to take baby steps toward achieving a healthy and fit body. Are you weight-conscious? Follow these given below tips for achieving the best results:

1. Keep optimum physical activity

Physical activity is essential for every human being regardless of their BMI measure and weight levels. But people with excess weight especially need to have substantial time designated for physical activity. When you exercise daily, the stubborn body fat loses its strength, and with consistent effort, you may even be successful in shedding it completely.

Make sure you designate a significant amount of time to exercise, walk, or run at least five days a week, if not every day.

2. Plan and portion your meals

It is good to be easygoing and eat anything you’re served with. But there are certain things you need to learn to say no to and replace them with items necessary for you to eat to lose weight. Losing weight is not about skipping your meals. Instead, it is about making the right choices. You need to cut down on fat, sugar, and starchy carbs intake and replace them all with a high-protein diet.

Proteins will improve your body metabolism rate, and thus your body fat will burn in no tie. Actually, in due time, but it surely will.

3. Improve water intake

Every human being needs an optimum amount of water intake for their body organs and systems to function correctly. Besides being vital to sustain life, water is essential for every person who wants to have a fit body. Just make sure your water intake is optimally timed.

How to time that? Well, first things first. Make sure you drink two to three glasses of water at least half an hour before your meals. Then comes the after-meal timing. It is better to avoid drinking water at least fifteen minutes after taking your meals.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables

If you are motivated to manage your body weight, fruits and vegetables are your best friends. Make friends with them. Replace your carbs with protein-rich fruits. Boil the vegetables and make salads. The same goes for fruits. You will get hungry sooner than your previous routine when you reduce your carb intake. For placating that huger, fruits will come to the rescue.

5. Take expert opinion

No matter how many blogs you read, every individual has unique conditions at the end of the day. General weight loss tips might not work for everyone because of different health conditions. Thus, do not take your weight management easy. Instead, indulge in a professional weight loss program.

If you live in the UAE, take inspiration from your countrymen who have successfully gotten rid of obesity with the help of such programs. You must indulge in one of the weight loss programs in Dubai to cover all aspects and fulfill the multi-faceted needs of your body.

The latest research on diet and obesity

New studies suggest that ‘how’ you eat matters more than ‘what’ you eat. The meals’ size, frequency, and regularity matter a lot in the eating architecture. It also suggests that eating disorders can have two reasons: response to negative emotions and external cues, i.e., seeing an attractive food item. These become the reason people get obese.

Are you tired of your excess body weight?

Everyone fantasizes about a fit, smart and active body. But very few people take steps in the right direction to achieve healthy bodies. Set your goals. Be aware of your stamina and bodily needs, and then move on to the next step.

Take a notepad and a pen. Make a schedule. Check your BMI, and decide where you want to take it. It is not a difficult task at all. But it requires consistency in your approach. Be determined, and you’ll get there, with lasting impacts on your body.

Here’s a secret: Once you develop a healthy routine and get used to eating healthy, you won’t feel like going back!

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