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Gamification Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

Games hold great importance in the life of human beings. Gamification is not only a means of entertainment but for learning and development of skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, strategic planning, leadership, bonding, and teamwork, to name a few. This is one of the major reasons parents make their toddlers play a variety of games to develop skills without any pressure.

Physical games better contribute to the development of mind and body, but the young generation of this digital era is more into virtual games. The name is enough to excite them to travel miles or even attend virtual events. This enthusiastic attitude of people is now motivating virtual event organizers in UAE to include gaming sessions in their virtual events, which boosts attendance.

Dig deeper into this article to explore gamification ideas for your next virtual event if the idea excites you in the same way as it does so for the young generation.

Top 8 Gamification ideas to Include in Your Virtual Events

The number of virtual game players has exceeded the number of physical game players in recent times. An important reason behind this is the development of new and exciting online games that do not require groups. People can pick their teams online and start enjoying. This is a perfect setup for the networking events, as it can help the attendees get to know each other in a lighter atmosphere.

Here are the top virtual games you can include in your next events.

1. Fortnite for Leadership Skills

Fortnite is one of the most popular virtual games of recent time. It is based on survival planning while chasing away the competitors. The game helps in the development of leadership skills. Besides this, it provides a healthy and refreshing break from routine. Most event organizers get in touch with event companies in Abu Dhabi to perfectly incorporate it in their virtual events.

2. Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

A virtual escape room is one of the best virtual games to promote team building in your virtual event. It also boosts the excitement and engagement of the attendees while keeping them hooked. So if you fear your attendees to feel bored or leave the event in the mid, this game is your savior. It requires teams trapped in virtual rooms to solve riddles to come out, so including it is a must.

3. Scrabble for Strategic Planning

Scrabble is the game everyone has played while growing up. It is the best family entertainer, which also promotes strategic planning. You can easily include this game in your virtual event by optimizing it a little according to the type of event. It will not only keep the attendees on their toes but motivated enough to win.

4. Team Building Labs for Team Bonding

As the name suggests, team building labs is an ideal virtual game for team bonding. It is specifically beneficial for events meant for remote working teams. It will boost their collaboration and bonding. You must have heard bonds made during gaming sessions last longer in life. So, include this game in your next virtual event for your workplace.

5. Scavenger Hunt for Social Skills

The scavenger hunt is another quite popular game that can also be played virtually. This is the best game to include in your virtual event if it includes attendees of different age groups. It is the most favorite game for children so that you can attract them through this. Moreover, the game promotes social skills, which is going to benefit your event in one or another way.

6. Progress Wars for Critical Thinking

If you want to promote critical thinking among your audience or ensure the fact that they are not dozing off, progress war is the virtual game to include in your event. The game format is also based on survival, so it will keep them wide awake and be deeply immersed in survival planning.

7. Fitness Breaks with Point Systems to Relax Mind and Body

The virtual event usually bore people because they do not involve much physical activity. People who cannot sit idle even for five minutes may give up on your event in the first thirty minutes. However, you cannot let them go so easily. The solution is to include fitness breaks with point systems in your virtual event. It will help their mind and body to relax while imagining their prize.

8. Networking Games for Socialization

Networking games are a must for your virtual networking event to boost socialization. The attendees might not be comfortable in virtual discussion sessions. Make them play the games and then arrange the discussion session to have better impacts. You can hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to organize your virtual networking events while paying close attention to all the little details.

Include virtual games in your virtual events to enjoy greater success!

The name of virtual esports events is enough to excite event attendees. So, you have a great opportunity of increasing event attendance, engagement, and excitement by including them in your events. But do not forget to arrange all the technical details to avoid issues during the event. Do not fear to consult the expert organizers to make your event foolproof and successive.

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