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How Can Honeymooners Make Overnight Camping Memorable?

Newlyweds always have so many things going on in their heads, especially when the spirit is adventurous. Most people plan things with their partners ahead of time, especially when they are on a honeymoon. Dubai is considered an exotic place for honeymooners, and it is not only culturally diverse but also has many interesting spots that catch the attention of newly wedded couples.

Gone are the days when people stick to a simple routine. Now is the world of adventure, and people want to explore something they would remember for life. Camping, especially overnight camping, is the new fun thing on the block. What better place would be than overnight camping in Dubai to tick this element off your bucket list. However, to make the experience more fun, you need to read this article until the end. If you ask why- let me tell you ahead- it has some tips to make your experience fun and comfortable.

Let’s start:

Ways Newlyweds Can Have Fun in Overnight Camping:

Camping is a cheap and interesting adventure to go through, and it is not the only way to connect with your partner but helps you stay close to nature. It is indeed an endearing experience, even if you are not fond of the outdoors. Interestingly, you would want to cherish the world of camping in the best possible way, so here are some tips to make it wonderful.

Don’t worry about flies and sleeping on the ground because this is an escapade you will cherish forever. Check out the following tips:

1) Comfy sleeping gear:

After a great campsite selection, you need to think about the sleeping gear, which will not keep you awake all night. To stay warm and comfortable during your stay, you need to have a tent and sleep bag. The tent has to have some way of being airy, or else it will be suffocating. Secondly, pick a sleeping bag that has the right shape and temperature to increase the level of comfort.

Do not forget to carry your comfortable pillow because a good night’s sleep will keep you fresh in the morning. However, do not make the entire experience about getting everything right!

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2) Plan activities:

There is only so much that you can talk about a thing, especially when you just got married. You might be frank, but getting over the hesitation will take some time. Thus, having some activities laid out will keep you entertained and busy. Some campgrounds will have activities planned for you, but if that is not the case, spin the bottle, BINGO, or guess the movie can actually break the ice.

Do not make the games about winning but instead about enjoying them. You can watch a movie in an open environment and explore your likings there! You can be as goofy as you want to be because the time is not coming back.

3) Good food:

There is nothing more satisfying and memorable than having great food. Every place you visit has some specialties, so do not fear to try them out. Think like a one-time thing because, in no time, you will be out of your newlywed zone and be busy in life. Make memories with the right food in your tummy. Google is your best friend if you are looking for some food inspiration. You can always prepare ahead and take some snacks with you.

Munching in the middle of the night while staring at the sky sitting beside the person you love is the fantasy most people would die for. If you have the chance, then make the most out of it.

4) Prepare for weather changes:

Life is unpredictable so is the weather. It would help mentally prepare yourself for the dirt, rain, or anything not listed in the weather forecast. It might not happen, but keeping this element at the back of your mind will help you stay in the moment. Also, overthinking is the thief of joy, so why do that. Instead, enjoy what you have and go with the flow.

No matter how lavish your campsite is, you are supposed to get dirty. That is the fun of it. There is no fun in staying in the tiles place. Camping is all about living in a tent in the open sky. You can have raincoats and even sanitizers, but if you overdo it, you will miss out on the actual essence.

5) Stay away from gadgets:

Phones and cameras are there to store memories, but if you keep updating on social media or friends in the WhatsApp group, you will not enjoy the experience. Give time to your partner and let the world wait for the update. We are so socially surrounded that the fear of missing out can actually ruin your time. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy till you can.

Do not use gadgets or document everything. People have a habit of recording everything, which can be annoying at times. Do not be part of the herd!

Final Remarks:

Rarely in life, you will get time for yourself, and overnight camping is a dream come true. Often when planning such trips, the question comes about where to go. If you are looking for places in UAE, then overnight camping spots should be a treat to consider. You are going to have the time of your life-cherish it with an open heart and mind.

Dreams and hopes are part of the wedding, and traveling to an exotic destination will make it even better. Not everyone can think of ways to make it memorable when done for the first time, but this article will do the due for you. You just have to relax, give it a read and go. One thing to always keep in mind is that it is not about the place or amenities but more about the person you are going with. Often people think too much about stuff that is not worth it that they forget the actual motto.

Get to know your partner in this mindful yet memorable adventure. Have fun!

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