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How To Do Usability Testing for Mobile Application?

Usability testing of mobile applications is the test to check how comfortable and friendly the app is for ordinary users. This test is meant to check the experience of users with the overall functioning of the app. This testing’s primary focus is the look, feel, and experience of different functions of the application.

Businesses and entrepreneurs design and develop mobile apps for the benefit, use, and ease of the target audience. It increases their reach to the target audience. Therefore, the success rate of the business organization having mobile apps is greater than other entities in the UAE. Explore this article in detail to perform usability testing for mobile applications.

Top 6 Steps to Do Usability Testing for Your Mobile Application

Top 6 Steps to Do Usability Testing for Your Mobile Application

Amateur developers often ignore usability testing in the development process of the app. They think that users will pinpoint the issues and bugs, which will save them from all the hassle of testing. They can just fix the issue when it is highlighted. However, this type of attitude can significantly lower the number of users and app installation rates. So, pay attention to usability testing to retain the users.

Here are some important steps to conduct a usability test on your mobile app and make your user experience more than comfortable.

1) Define Objectives

The very first step of conducting the usability testing of your mobile application is defining the objectives of the testing. If you are not aware of the objectives, you will definitely get lost on the path. You can center your attention on important points like:

  • Developing a clear roadmap
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Specific features and function of the app that needs testing
  • Checking the highly competitive apps
  • Creating the forecast

All of this requires professional skills and expertise, which the business owners might lack. So, they often trust and employ the best mobile app development company in Dubai to identify the objectives and conduct the usability testing of their app to make it perfect for users.

2) Setup Task Performance

The next step in the usability testing process is setting up the task performance. It means highlighting the functions and features which will be the focus of testing. At this point, you do not need to pinpoint the issues that can emerge; however, let the testers explore them while using the app. The purpose behind this is to use and explore the app from the point of view of a common user and try to find the issues they can face.

3) Create the Test Documents

After checking the task performance, the testers might come with quite vague responses, which will not provide you any support or lead for the future. Therefore, you need to create test documents. This type of document will include the points or sections, which are your priority in improving usability. It will lead the testers to give clear responses related to specific domains that are actionable.

4) Pick Test Participants

You cannot just randomly pick the testers to check your mobile application’s usability, as it will not give you a clear idea about the experience of your specific target audience. After identifying your objectives, setting the task performance, and preparing the test documentation, you need to pick your participants. The participants must be related to your target group in order to achieve actionable results.

5) Run the Test

After competing for all the preliminary tasks and setting the foundation of usability testing, you finally need to run the test. Conduct the testing at such a place where you can observe the testers. You need to give them a few instructions, like performing a few functions or features on the app. Moreover, provide them the test document and ask them to record their opinion. It will help them share all the details as in case of verbal discussion; they might forget some important points.

6) Analyze Data to Make Improvements

The last point in the process is analyzing the data you have gathered through the testing and making improvements in its light. This is not an ordinary task which any user or business owner can perform on his/her own.

So, do not take the risk if you lack the expertise. You can hire the best mobile app development company to design, develop, and test the app for you and help you present a perfectly functioning and user-friendly app for their target audience.

Do Not Ignore Usability Testing for Mobile Applications!

Usability testing of your mobile application will help you resolve all the issues before launching the app for a wider audience. It will also make the app favorite of all users instantly. So, do not skip important steps for the sake of saving time or resources, which you are actually wasting. Consult the experts to carry out the test on your behalf if you lack the skills and maximize your ROI.

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