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Why Spend Your Next Vacation at Palm Jumeirah Dubai?

One of the biggest man-made wonders you will ever see on this planet is the Palm Jumeirah. The place is no less than a heaven for vacationers and visitors. The archipelago in Dubai is built in a Palm tree shape, and the fronds are lined with luxury apartments and hotels. Your trip to Dubai would be incomplete without visiting this amazing spot. Once you are, you must try the fun activities there. This article will walk you through a few points to boost your desire to visit Palm Jumeirah on your next vacation. Keep reading to know more!

Top 6 Reasons to Spend the Vacation at Palm Jumeirah!

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is a place equipped with luxurious hotels and affordable apartments. Start counting the fun spots there, and the sun will sit until you are finished. Of all these activities, we have gathered a few that are commonly pursued. Let us dive into them deeply!

Top Reasons to Spend the Vacation at Palm Jumeirah

1. Atlantis, The Palm:

The rose-hued Atlantis stands tall at the top of the Palm, giving a splendid view to the visitors. It is one of the most recognized landmarks of this place, and it never disappoints its visitors. Vacationers always unleash their inner kids once they are here. Be it luxury hotels, celebrity chefs, restaurants, or other facilities, Atlantis has got you!

The aqua venture water park here will expose you to amazing water slides and other water games. Kids and adults can enjoy the place alike with numerous fun activities to pursue throughout the day. You can also find private beaches to enjoy the party.

2. Swim with dolphins:

The underwater thrills and fun activities are not only limited to the Atlantis. The Dolphin Bay is the next adventure in the water park that will pump your pulse. Have you ever been in the same waters with dolphins and other human-friendly sea animals? Now is the opportunity to enjoy swimming with dolphins and make splendid memories!

The lost chambers Aquarium is where you can snorkel through the lagoons, filled with various sea animals. With sharks, rays, and dolphins wandering around you, the place is going to test your nerves.

3. Splash tours:

A wide ride of splash tours in the waters will help you forget all the day’s worries. The 90 minutes speedboat ride will cruise you through the entire Palm Jumeirah. It stops for a picture in front of Atlantis.

The splash tour will take you through some of the royal palaces in Dubai, giving you some unseen moments to remember. Do you wish to enjoy the ride? Visit the place and have fun!

4. Freefall over the Palm Jumeirah:

Another adrenaline-pumping activity most visitors try here is free-falling from the plane cruising over the Palm Jumeirah. Skydiving sounds fantastic, but only adventurous souls will try this thrilling experience.  There are premium drop zones at the Palm, and you can jump off a plane with a guide on your side.

Wouldn’t that be a sight enjoying the hawk eye view of the Palm and Dubai Marina? Cruising over the Gulf waters will pump your heart beating, but it would be an experience remembered for the rest of your life.

5. Paddle around the Palm:

Do you want to stay away from adrenaline-pumping activities and enjoy the calmer activities? The place has the offering for you! You can join a guide kayak and paddle around the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Al Khalifa, the tallest building on this earth.

The place offers a stand-up paddleboarding session for visitors includes yoga and other calm activities in the water. Adults and teenagers often prefer taking out a dragon boat for a spin to paddle around the entire water arena. You should not miss out on that!

6. Chic Beach Club:

On the Palm trunk is situated at the Riva Beach Club, which often catches the eye of vacationers. The beach club knows how to keep you cool when the day is too hot. The Chic retreat is home to various restaurants and eye-soothing sights which can make your trip perfect.

The chilled palm-fringed swimming pool in summers will beat the heat and can offer you an amazing experience. You can also visit the place in winter and take a bath in the swimming pool since the water is heated during winters. The place provides privacy if you are with kids and family, and no one leaves the place without laughing.

Explore the Adventurous City of Dubai!

Dubai has never been short on offering entertainment opportunities to its visitors. Plan your next vacation trip to Dubai and see what this amazing city has in the box for you! Be it exploring the vast desert or wandering about the man-made wonders; the city will leave you WOW!

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