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How to Get Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada?

Everyone is trying to move to one country for better life and opportunities for future generations. When you think about all options one can move in, then Canada comes to mind right away. Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world where the immigration process is fairly easy. The inclusive nature of the country’s people and government makes it suitable for a lot of immigrants.

The benefits and friendliness of the country make it the favorite of immigrants. Once you have decided that Canada is your next place, then the next step is to understand the process. If you are not into applying on your own, you might want to get help from experts in towns. Given that you are in UAE, Canada immigration Dubai is your go-to place for the visa process and other information.

There are many ways you can get into Canada, and this article will share the top three ways to attain PR. Let’s start!

Top 3 Ways of Canadian Immigrations to Get Permanent Residency:

There are so many benefits to getting into Canada, such as a better economy, a brilliant healthcare system, inclusiveness, and even security and safety. The country also has a great public education system, and most ex-pats draw towards this element. But to gain all these perks, one has to get there with a permanent residency visa, and the process of that is described in the following section:

1) Express Entry:

Express Entry is the most popular and easy way to reach Canada. Approximately 108000 invited are expected to happen through this process in 2021, and this is one of the biggest drivers of immigration to Canada. But do you know what Express Entry immigration is?

It is basically an online immigration process that entails three different federal programs, which are

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class

Foreigners can apply to the skilled worker program under the Express Entry system to get permanent residency (PR). The process usually happens as fast as six months. When you are trying to apply for it, then you have to determine the eligibility –create the Express Entry profile and wait to receive an invitation.

2) Provisional Nomination Program:

Another way to attain permanent residency in Canada is via Provisional Nominee Program. This program is designed for foreigners who have the skills, education, and work experience. The aim is to improve the economy of certain provinces. There is a contract between the provinces and the government, enabling them to become skilled words to enhance their overall economy. The suitability of the skills depends on the province’s need to get the invitation. Certain provinces offer this program, and those are

  1. Alberta;
  2. Northwest Territories;
  3. Manitoba;
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador;
  5. British Columbia;
  6. Ontario;
  7. New Brunswick;
  8. Saskatchewan; and
  9. Prince Edward Island;
  10. Yukon,
  11. Nova Scotia.

These provinces require people with different skill sets to boost the needs of the town and make it fully developed. Each province has different rules and regulations, which one needs to consider when applying for this program. Before applying, it is important to understand that you have to have certain points to get your application sorted. You can apply for provincial nomination either through the Express Entry process or using a paper-based process. Well- the paper-based process is like

  • Apply for the province your skill match with
  • Meet the eligibility criteria of the area so that province nominates you
  • Once nominated, you should submit the paper application for PR
  • Next is passing the medical exam and getting a clearance certificate from the police

Provisional nomination is a long process as compared to Express Entry. When you are applying through the Express Entry, then you can also contact provisional territory, and it depends on the province if they agree to nominate you or not. The more in-demand your skill is, the more easily you will get the nomination resulting in permanent residency.

3) Family sponsorship:

Another way to get Canadian PR is through the family sponsorship program. This program lets Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsor their family members. This will help the foreigners stay close to their family members and also help in boosting the economy. There are three types of family sponsorship which are spouse, child, and partner. Following are some eligibility checks for the sponsor.

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • Proof that you are not getting any social assistance
  • You can support anyone you are sponsoring

Once you check the eligibility elements, the next thing to know is who you can sponsor. An eligible can sponsor the following members of the family:

  • Their spouse;
  • Common-law partner;
  • Their conjugal partner; and
  • Their dependent children.

When you are on a family sponsorship program, then you do not have to worry about other criteria to fulfill, as your sponsor will take care of that.

Concluding notes:

When it comes to immigration, it might seem like a piece of cake, but when you study it, you will know that there are many knots you have to open. Check the program you are eligible for, and you will be sorted. However, if you are unsure how to go through the immigration process, then let immigration consultants be the savior for the entire process. Right guidance will make your case appear in the invites before you can think of it.

It is important to determine the eligibility criteria and how you qualify for the immigration program. Check which program these three matches your education, skill, and work experience. There are several online ranking systems to help you find out your eligibility scores and how you can calculate them. Once you meet the requirements, then the journey to Canada starts. You soon will have the privilege of living and working in the country, and even you can sponsor your family members.

Good luck with the entire process, and hopefully, it will be smooth!

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