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General Study Visa Requirements for Studying Abroad in Canada

If you are thinking about studying abroad, then Canada may be the best destination for you. Canada is popular among international students because of its high-ranking world-class universities and quality lifestyle.

In order to study in Canada, you need first to obtain admission into a top Canadian university and then apply for a study visa. On that note, here are things you need to know about the Canadian student visa requirements, process, and after-graduation work permits.

Study Visa Requirements for Canada:

For a Canadian study visa, you have two options i.e. you either apply online or through a paper-based application. However, a paper application is not an efficient option as it takes about twice as long for processing. The online application is a practical option, but for that, you need to pay online and have electronic copies of your documents. Hence, it is recommended to get assistance from an education consultant in Islamabad to provide you with instructions about the required documents, depending upon your location.

The following is brief detail for obtaining a Canadian student visa:

  1. The first step is to obtain a letter of acceptance from a Canadian education institute. When you apply to a Canadian university and get admission, they email you an acceptance letter that states that your admission has been accepted in a specified degree and program. If your university has not provided an acceptance letter, you can request an official form stating your acceptance for Visa.
  2. The second step is to get the student visa application forms for Canada. You can get this either online from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website or the Canadian embassy in your home country. For some designated countries, the visa requirement includes a temporary residence permit, so consult with an educational consultant before applying for the student visa.
  3. To get access to application forms from the CIC website, you will need to answer a few questions about yourself. The CIC team will then determine whether you are eligible to apply for a Canadian student visa through an online channel.
  4. If you are considered eligible, you will receive the application forms with a checklist code that is valid for a period of 60 days. The application package also includes a detailed application guideline, estimated university tuition fee, and a list of required documents for the visa application.
  5. When you have all the documents ready, create a MyCIC account, and upload all required documents. For this, you would need to scan all your certified copies of your documents.
  6. Once you have uploaded all the documents and your application is ready with the application fee paid in full, you can then proceed with submission.
  7. After the submission of the application, the local visa office or embassy will inform applicants about interviews.

Additional Visa Requirements for International Students:

Here are some of the additional Canadian student visa requirements that may apply to your home country.

  • Applicants from some countries require applicants to provide a detailed medical exam report with a police check before submitting of application. It is essential to present the Police Clearance Certificate to show that you have no criminal record; otherwise, you will not be able to get a study visa.
  • Unless you are from the US, you need to provide a copy of a valid passport, which shows that you can return to your home country after completion of your degree.
  • Just like in European Counties, a Canadian student visa requires applicants to attach proof of financial support. At present the amount is $10,000 CAD (i.e. US$ 7,650) per annum. You need to provide this financial proof that is separate from the tuition fee.

To prove this, you can provide the following documents:

  1. Bank Statements
  2. A bank draft in convertible currency
  3. A Canadian bank account under your name with the required amount.
  4. Proof of payment of university tuition and accommodation
  5. An official letter from a person or institution funding you.
  6. Proof of funding from a scholarship

Living costs and tuition fees can become a burden on students, so contact an education consultant to avail of multiple scholarship opportunities in Canada.

Part-time Work Permit in Canada:

International students enrolled in a Canadian university are allowed to work 20 hours per week. You don’t need a separate work visa for this; the Canadian Study Permit Visa enables the candidate to work part-time jobs off-campus during holidays and on regular days. For this, you don’t need any additional information or documentation.

The minimum wage in Canada is calculated at around $11.55 per hour.

Post-Graduation Visa and Work:

One of the advantages of international students studying in Canada is the opportunity of a post-graduation visa. International students in Canada are allowed to go for work permits post-graduation from their respective universities. The study permit remains valid for 90 days (3 months) after completion of your degree.

Canada offers several immigration programs that allow students to settle in Canada after graduation. During those 90 days, you can find a job in Canada and apply for the immigration program. After attaining your work permit, you can invite your family to live in Canada with you.

Study in Canada:

Studying in Canada is affordable as compared to other education destinations like the US, UK, and Australia. With studying, you can also work part-time jobs to meet living expenses. So pick universities, choose your programs, and apply away.

You can also settle in Canada and work there after completion of your degree, so get assistance from an education consultant and apply for scholarships to help you take your education journey abroad.

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