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Different Types of Telecom Services You Should Know About

Digitalization is becoming a fashion, and people are warmly accepting it. By people, we mean households and various business sectors. Different Telecommunication companies offer telecom services of different types. The services include voice, video, telephone, internet, and communication services. The most widely recognized type of media communications administration is telephone administration, which is done on either a wired or wireless mode. Different types may incorporate Internet, TV, and networking services for homes and organizations. These administrations may not be accessible on the whole territories or from all organizations. The types of telecommunication services are many, and we will walk you through some of the prominent ones. Keep scrolling to know more!

Various Types of Telecom Services List:

Technological proliferation is at its peak. We are witnessing an era where innovative advancements are no new topics. Amid these advancements, we will try to describe some of the most prominent telecommunication service types.

1. Plain Old Telephone Service Lines (POTS):

A POTS line is also known as a landline. These are the line used for transmitting voice signals from one place to another local or international destination. These days, the services are not accepted since they have a lower bandwidth than other modern-day technologies. Talking of its bandwidth, it carries voice data at a speed of no more than 52 kilobits per second.

POTS lines run on the concept of binary language. In the 52 Kbs per second speed, one bit has a value that is either “0” or “1”. The binary numbers are understandable by a computer system. The 52 KBPS is the highest speed to carry data in this circuit.

2. Metro Ethernet:

Contrary to the POTS line, a metro Ethernet comes with higher bandwidth and enhanced functionality. The driving reason behind this higher bandwidth and functionality is that these circuits use fiber cables instead of ordinary copper wires. The transmission speed of these networks can be as high as 3 Gigabytes per second. This is an incredible speed when compared with the old-fashioned technology tools like POTS.

Owing to its higher speed and broader bandwidth, metro Ethernet is used mainly by small and medium businesses. It can be a good source of data transfer and communication among different offices. When we look at its speed in one second, the result is extravagant.

3. Optical Telecommunication Services:

Perhaps the most conventional type of telecom transmission framework is the optical telecom services, the framework that began everything; they have telecommunication lines, which grandstand the development of innovation from the past to the present. Telecom companies in Dubai are at the core of providing fiber optic-based services to households and small and medium businesses. Enterprises should get in touch with them for more optimal networking solutions for businesses of all kinds.

Fiber-optic communication is equivalent to optical telecommunication services. It depends on the interaction to change over information into light-projecting shafts, which are at last moved to fiber-optic links and utilize a more conventional association known as infrared.

4. T1 Lines:

Computer communications and data transfer always need a faster medium. One such medium is T1 Lines. With a higher bandwidth than POTS lines, the T1 lines are an excellent choice for computer communications and data transfer. Referring to its transmission speed, it carries data signals at a speed of 1.54 megabits per second. For faster and safer data transmission, T1 lines could be a great choice.

5. Full Duplex System:

A full-duplex system is the second type of duplex system where both parties can communicate simultaneously. Parties can both end the call and can speak and be heard at the same time. The most relevant example of a full-duplex system is mobile phone communication. Both users can communicate at the same time without waiting for one another.

6. Half Duplex system:

One type of duplex system communication is the half-duplex system. In layman’s terms, it is a one-way communication system. Also known as the semiduplex system, both parties can communicate here but not simultaneously. The prominent examples of a half-duplex system are a walkie-talkie and a radio communication system. Radio devices that have push-to-talk and release-to-hear buttons fall under this category.

7. Mobile Telecom Services:

The most advanced and perhaps well-established telecom service type is mobile communication. It has the world by surprise through its unique and mind-blowing features. With the entrance of the 5G network into the market, everything else has been put behind. Be its faster speed, data accuracy, or timely communication, modern-day telecom services have got you covered. Telecommunication companies are highly up to the task of extending the service to every corner so that no one misses out on the adventure.

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