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How to Complete a Commercial Construction Project On Time?

The commercial construction sector is continuously expanding all around the world, as globalization increases. Commercial construction ranges from buildings like shopping malls, banks, bakeries to large projects like hotel buildings, skyscrapers, etc. Each type of project has its own specifications and scope, depending upon its size. No matter the type of commercial construction project, its success depends upon meeting deadlines and timely closures.

One of the most common things in commercial construction is delays. There are several factors that may affect construction projects and result in delays, which leads to expensive construction claims and arbitration. But, with proper planning ahead of time and due diligence, you can easily overcome these delays and deliver a successful project.

Top 5 Tips on Completing Commercial Construction Projects on Time

When it comes to commercial construction projects, contractors might find it hard to keep on schedule and meet deadlines. However, with proper planning and the right set of tools, you can ensure that your project meets the deadlines and is successfully delivered.

Here are the top five tips that can help you complete your commercial construction project on time.

1. Clear Contracts and Design Specifications

The most common cause of delay in commercial construction is unclear contracts and specifications of the project. Before taking on the project and starting work, be clear of what your clients want in terms of building design, specifications, and the scope of the project. Get down to the final details like the plumbing system, flooring material, windows, etc.

If you don’t have clear specifications, you will end up with a project deadline that is impossible to achieve. This will result in a number of change orders, which will further delay your project. Therefore, consider consulting a construction delay expert witness when you see the first signs of delays either from your side or the clients.

2. Get Your Budget Approved

After getting all the design specifications and drawings clear, the next thing that needs your attention is the approved budget. After the deadlines, the costs and budget associated with a construction project are one of the most common things that clients and contractors disagree upon. Thus, this whole process is quite time-consuming.

Give your clients a reasonable budget estimate of the project. Include all the costs to make sure they are on board. Work out a general budget and make sure to include room for disruptions that are out of your control like natural disasters, weather, pandemic, etc. Knowing the preliminary budget cost will give your client an idea about what to expect.

3. Hire a Construction Project Manager

After you are done with defining the scope of the project and deciding upon an agreed budget, you need to consult a construction project management company to make sure you stick to your budget and meet all the deadlines. These professionals have skills in planning and coordinating every aspect of your construction project and ensure successful delivery.

In construction, each work is interrelated, and one task can significantly affect the performance of your project. As there are too many tasks to focus on, chances are your project will experience delays. In such cases, a project manager can come in handy as he can keep track of every step of the project and ensure that everything is done on time within the agreed budget.

4. Document Everything

If you want to stay on track and make sure you are meeting all our deadlines, you need to keep track of your daily progress and document everything. Monitoring the daily reports will ensure that you are sticking to your schedule and budget, and also identify any red flags that may cause delays in the future. Proper planning and documentation will help you improve scheduling and identify weak areas where you are falling behind schedule, and that needs your attention right now.

Documentary evidence is essential for defending delay claims successfully. These documents include contracts, pictures, videos, site logs, drawings, etc. So ensure to consult an expert in case of delays to defend your construction claim successfully and minimize the losses.

5. Establish Efficient Communication

Open and efficient communication is the most important factor for staying on track and completing projects successfully on time. Establish procedures and ways for all your team members to alert everyone on the project when and if they are experiencing delays. It will make sure that you have enough time to adjust your overall schedule before these small delays cause hug problems and derail your entire project.

For establishing efficient communication, you need to determine how often you need to conduct meetings with all the parties on-site and clients. This will make sure that you are always updated with your project needs. So you can work early to mitigate the risk of delays in your project. Therefore, make sure you establish good communication. Because it can improve teamwork and lead to higher productivity and collaboration, resulting in a successful project.

Finishing construction projects successfully and on time!

Commercial projects have different needs as compared to residential construction, and it also requires a lot of time and budget. Even a small delay of one day in commercial construction is worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of all things and make sure you hit the deadlines. Construction delays are common in the commercial sector, and they can quickly derail your project delivery. So, follow these simple tips to ensure that you complete your project on time successfully without any setbacks and failures. With proper planning, nothing is impossible!

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