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Disability Accessible Apartments – What Should They Include?

Almost half a century back, the handicapped and disabled people had no life of their own. They were considered a burden on their families and were limited to their beds. Such individuals were dependent on their family members and caretakers. They could not even think about getting an education, let alone earning a living. Fortunately, the situation is not the same anymore.

Technology has made enough progress to make the life of such people easier and accessible, irrespective of the fact that they were born with a disability or got it later in life. The government is now stressing the development of disability-accessible apartments which eases the movement of such people in their home and help them take control of their life. If you or your family member is handicapped, you must ensure to buy an apartment that is accessible for them.

Explore this article to get a detailed read on what disability-accessible apartments should include making life easy and independent for such individuals.

Top 7 Handicap Accessible Apartment Requirements

Until the recent past, disabled people required a helper or caretaker with them at all times. Online education and working played an important role in making them financially independent, but physical dependence caused a toll on their mental health. However, investing in a handicap-accessible apartment while ensuring a few essential features can help you support your disabled family member.

Here are some of the major requirements you need to look for in the handicap-accessible apartments and ensure that such individuals do not lose control of their surroundings and life.

1. Accessible Building Entryway

The most critical feature you must ensure is an accessible building entryway. A lot of buildings have dozens of stairs in the entryway, although elevators are available. Make sure to pick the apartment building that has a sliding entryway apart from stairs to make the movement of disabled individuals easier and more comfortable.

2. Accessible Apartment Entrance

The second feature you should look for in disability-accessible apartments is the accessible apartment entrance. Some apartments usually have one or two steps right before the entrance. It can become quite uncomfortable and tiring for disabled individuals. Many people explore apartments that have smooth and accessible entrances, which is perfect for handicapped individuals and children.

3. Accessible Kitchen

Disable people feel most threatened and at risk while using the kitchen. Most of the time, the kitchen counters, washing area, and stoves are quite higher. Accessing the appliances and using stoves is quite challenging for such individuals. An accessible kitchen with lowered countertops, storage spaces, a stove with front buttons, and a lowered washer can significantly ease the life of handicapped people.

4. Accessible Bathroom

Using the bathroom on their own is the worst dream of handicapped people. However, using help for it makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed too. Opting for a home that has an accessible bathroom is the biggest favor you can do to such family members. You can ensure a child-friendly door lock, lowered washbasin, and accessible shower space. Most importantly, smooth and non-slippery flooring is extremely important.

5. Accessible Power Outlets

Another crucial feature that you must ensure while buying a home and having a disabled family member is the accessible power outlets. Now, every other thing of our users needs a power supply. Be it phone charging, laptops, watching television, light, fans, or operating any appliance like hairdryer, iron, or doing laundry. Having accessible power outlets will enable handicapped people to do everything they want without having to wait for help in turning the switch on.

6. Accessible Storage Spaces

Another essential requirement to look for in your new apartment is accessible storage space. Most of the time, the storage spaces are built higher, so the individual can reach it while standing and do not need to bend frequently. The same idea works against disabled people, as they often face challenges in standing. Having lowered storage space will limit their dependence on other family members and boost their morale and self-worth.

7. Accessible Working Area

The last requirement that you should essentially ensure while buying an apartment with a handicapped family member is the accessible working area. It can be a kitchen work area or professional work area, make sure the tables are not too high or too low as it can strain their bodies.

You can explore apartments for sale in Jumeirah village circle that take care of such details and make the life of disabled people comfortable.

Invest in Disability-Accessible Apartments to Make Life Comfortable!

If you or your family member has some disability, do not settle for anything lower than handicap-accessible apartments. However, if you cannot find any, make sure to invest in one that does not limit your independence in making necessary changes. Get in touch with a professional real estate agent and make sure to explore the best apartments that meet your requirements.

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