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How Learning Environment Affects Students’ Academic Growth?

The environment has a significant impact on the growth and development of human beings. It will not be wrong to say that nature makes the individual think, but nurture shapes the aspects of thinking. It enables the individual to think positively or negatively. 

Considering the social structure of the UAE, it is imperative to understand the value of the environment for learning. The most immediate reason is that the highly diverse populace resides in the UAE. Therefore, incorporating students from culturally, socially, and geographically varied students is a matter of great concern for parents and teachers. 

It is the reason that various state-owned and international educational institutions strive hard to ensure a productive learning environment for their students. 

What does the learning environment mean?

The term is commonly used by educationists, policymakers, child development experts, and related professionals. It is generally referred to as the concept that children learn better in an environment that keeps them motivated and active in learning. So, there is a directly proportional relationship exists between the physical context and cognitive development of the students. 

The Impact of the Learning Environment on Students

Nevertheless, the environment of the school has a considerable impact on the academic growth of the students. It has been observed that a healthy, progressive atmosphere in educational institutions positively impacts the students. 

It means that students become more confident in their skills and show extraordinary capabilities of progress in life. On the other hand, a restricted environment discourages students from taking an active part in the day-to-day challenges making them passive learners. 

How to Improve the Learning Environment?

The classroom is the central component because the actual learning is done here. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the teachers and administration of the schools alike to ensure a healthy atmosphere within the classrooms:

Here are the tips for improving the learning environment:

Airy Classrooms

The first thing which can be highly helpful in improving the environment is the ventilation. Proper air cross ventilation within the room enables the students to remain fresh and active. However, it should be done according to weather conditions. 

Wall Color and Room Paint

The colors have a long-lasting impact on the mood of individuals. Notably, children get attracted by colors. Therefore, the wall paint in the classrooms should be selected wisely. 

Encourage Participation

Students by nature and by age are the most active individuals. Therefore, they should not be restricted, but they should be provided with opportunities where they can play their part actively. 

Learning activities should be devised in a way that students perform them independently or in groups. It will not only involve them keenly in the learning process but also boost their confidence. 

Final words!

To sum up, schools are the basic units of learning. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a healthy environment within educational institutions where students feel secure and comfortable. The process of learning can only be made successful with the help of a relaxed mindset. 

Therefore, critical educational centers, e.g. American schools in Dubai, ensure the provision of a progressive learning environment for their students without discrimination.

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