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How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Via SMS Campaign?

For ecommerce businesses, certain customers are less likely to purchase items and keep those items on hold. When the number of people abandoning their carts increases, there are higher chances that the business is making fewer sales.

Ecommerce businesses need to identify these reasons and then take strategic actions to minimize the cart abandonment rate. From the experts’ perspective, SMS marketing is one of the effective and low-cost means of notifying the customers about their discarded carts. The ecommerce business might send a notification to the user on their profiles, but the chances of opening their profiles on a website are minimum making SMS the best option.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn the general methods and SMS advertising methods to reduce abandoned carts.

Top 6 Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Through SMS Campaign

One of the important factors in identifying the users who are more likely to abandon their carts is to increase your sales. Once you identify such users, you need to take certain actions to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The following few paragraphs are the effective means to decrease the cart abandonment rate for your products and business.

1). Stay connected with such customers

Identify the people who are more likely to abandon their shopping carts and then develop strategies to stay in contact with them. One effective way is to send them SMS alerts because there are more chances that the user will read the message and respond to it. Ask them if they are interested in buying the product or not. You must ensure that the SMS you send contains text that can compel the user to purchase the item. Hire experts from SMS advertising firms to send SMS alerts to increase customer response rates.

2). Create a sense of urgency

Those who abandon their carts are confused buyers who couldn’t make any final decisions about whether to purchase an item or not. In such scenarios, you can take advantage and create a sense of urgency by sending SMS containing text like “limited time offer”, “limited stock available”, “end of the sale”, etc. It will make the user check their abandoned carts and checkout.

3). Send actionable links

When you send SMS alerts, try to send actionable links instead of plain text or text containing information. Provide them a link to their profiles or cart to compel them to visit their accounts. There are higher chances that if a user visits his/ her account, they will see their shopping carts and most probably purchase the items on hold.

4). Send reminders and alerts

There might be a possibility that the user forgot to checkout. It is your responsibility to remind them about their carts. Send them the details of the products in their shopping cart; also, send them the details of similar items remaining in your store. Reminders and alerts increase the chances of checkouts for abandoned carts.

5) Reduce shipping costs

Some of the customers restrict themselves from buying/ purchasing products due to higher shipping costs or charges. To reduce the number of shopping cart abandonment, it is a must for the ecommerce stores to add minimum shipping costs to the items. They can develop metrics to adjust the product price instead of adding it to the shipping cost. Remember, people are willing to pay for the product but not the higher shipping costs.

6) Give incentives and promotions

The purchase rates for some products increase when they are on sale or are available at discounts. Send discount offers to the people who have abandoned their carts. Such incentives and discounts will compel the people to make a purchase, not just the items in the shopping cart but also other items.

What are the Reasons Behind Shopping Cart Abandonment?

There are multiple reasons behind higher cart abandonment rates. Some reasons people are more likely to go for cart abandonment are as follows.

a) Lack of customer trust:

When a customer has trust issues towards the seller, they fear purchasing from that particular seller. There are multiple ways to develop trust between the seller and the buyer, but effective ways are by increasing communication and interactivity. Text messaging is an effective way to increase your customers’ interactivity levels.

b) Poor websites:

Websites that annoy the users and are troublesome to checking-out result in increased rates of abandoned carts. The sellers need to maintain their websites and ensure that websites have all the essential elements for improved user experience and comfortability.

Here are some of the other reasons identified in the research;

  • Complex check-out method.
  • The hidden prices that come out at the time of check-outs, like taxes or high shipping charges.
  • The store has a frustrating or lengthy registration method (no check-out without sign-up option).
  • The website/ store has limited payment options.
  • Due to privacy/security concerns
  • Non-delivery fear (e.g. product is lost in delivery)
  • The difference in product description vs actual product

When you keep reminding your customers about their abandoned carts, they will be highly notified and updated. This way, they will look at their shopping carts and make a purchase. Text messaging is an effective tool for ecommerce businesses to minimize the number of abandoned carts by sending reminders to their users from time to time and sending discount offers and promotions.

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