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What is SEO Link Building And What are the Dos & Don’ts?

Link building is one of the most popular terms and processes of the modern era. Even if you do not have impressive knowledge about it, you are making use of it in one way or another. Link building is like a process of creating hyperlinks that provide a smooth navigation passage from one page to another and one website to another.

What is SEO Link Building?

SEO link building is a commonly used term; however, most people still do not know what SEO link building is. It is simply a tactic of building links used in search engine optimization. It means the creation of natural links that provide support and link different pages and websites. Due to this linkage, the sites enjoy higher rankings in search engines and grasp the target audience’s eye.

This article aims to help you explore all that you need to know about link building and enjoy higher rankings for your business or website.

Top 5 Steps of White Hat SEO Link Building Strategy

Link building is an essential part of the search engine optimization process, which is also considered the most challenging and trickiest part. Building links for content is like marketing the content on the internet. Businesses utilize marketing to spread the word and enjoy hype among the target audience. 

The link building helps the businesses enjoy higher rankings in search engines, which motivates the users to explore the site and make use of it. White hat SEO link building is not an easy process. It requires professional expertise and the utilization of proper strategies to achieve desired results. Therefore, businesses often acquire help from the best SEO services companies in Dubai to achieve their target.

The following are some of the most critical steps of the white hat link-building strategy that can help you create natural links.

1). Know Your Audience

The very first step of the link-building strategy is knowing your audience. For example, if your business is related to entertainment, you need to identify the target group according to age, gender, and other factors only then you will be able to attract them. In the case of managing a school website, you need to identify if the target audience is students, parents, and teachers, authorities of the education department, or all of them.

2). Short List Relevant Websites

An essential part of the link-building process is connecting with other websites for creating ensuring smooth navigation. For that, you need to follow an important step of shortlisting the relevant sites that can provide support to your links. It does not mean that you have to shake hands with your competitors but develop a connection with the websites that support your ideology and link-building need.

3). Craft Outstanding Content

The most crucial step of the white-hat SEO link-building strategy is crafting outstanding content. Outstanding content means that it has been crafted, keeping in view the queries and concerns of the target audience. It should provide an answer to all the concerns of the readers smoothly and naturally. Moreover, it should also motivate them to explore more by making them feel it is specifically written for them.

4). Find Resource Pages

Another essential step of the white hat strategy for building links is finding the resource pages. The resource pages are similar to a directory as they provide information about all the essential sources and their links. Having a resource page can serve the purpose of a map for the target audience or the website users. Moreover, it can also provide groundbreaking support in creating more but natural links.

5). Fix All Broken Links

One of the most important steps of the link-building strategy is to fix all the broken links. Broken links are those that do not take the user to the said content but a blank page. Such issues occur when the website is moved, facing disruption, or the content has been shifted somewhere else. It would help if you fixed all the broken links by rewriting content, amending it, or generating new links. However, do not leave them unattended as it lowers SEO ranking.

Dos of Link Building SEO

Now that you are aware of the backlinking strategy’s essential steps, it does not mean that you are ready to get-go and rank on top of the search engines. There is still much more to learn to excel in link building. So, here are some essential dos that you should always keep in mind and follow for better results.

a. Produce High-Quality Content

The greatest and essential do of the link-building process is producing high-quality content. Without fruitful and valuable content, the link is as good as dead. So, ensure that the content is relevant to the target audience and provides them with something new and desired. Only then your created link will get you rankings.

b. Create Links on Authoritative Sites

Another important do of the process is to create links on authoritative sites. It means that you should never only focus on the quantity of the links by creating more and more. You need to pay a particular focus on quality. Create links only on those sites that are authoritative and add value to your link and purpose.

c. Utilize Quick Wins

Quick wins in link building are the websites, companies, and businesses that support you in one or another way. It can be said that you share the same path, ideology, and purpose. Creating links on their sites or positing a blog that links to your website is another important do of link building. It will also ensure an enriching experience for the users.

d. Employ a Holistic Approach

Building links is a time taking process. So, do not try to do it overnight. Even if you do, it will not get you the desired results but will only make you anxious. You need to employ the holistic approach in a backlinking strategy. It means focusing on the overall progress and ranking of your site by continuously adding links related to the target audience’s search queries. 

Don’ts of Link Building SEO

In addition to the dos of the link-building process, there are a few don’ts as well, which should be avoided at all costs. So, do not forget to go through them before starting on your journey of ranking higher in search engines. 

1. Engaging with Low-Quality Blogs

The most significant no of link building is engaging with low-quality blogs. Such blogs do not have effective content, as well as face the lack of natural links. The main issue is the content of such types of blogs, which is not related to the interest of the users. So, investing your effort in creating links on such blogs will only waste your time.

2. Suggesting Specific Anchor Texts

A common practice often utilized in link building is suggesting specific anchor texts. However, it is a harmful activity that should not be practiced at all. It leads to keyword stuffing and the creation of unnatural links. So, abandon this practice and rely on professional support. You can acquire the help of SEO experts and ensure that links are natural and valuable.

3. Participating in Link Exchanging

Another big don’t of the link-building process is participating in the link exchange activity. This has become quite a common practice that is looked down upon by Google. When there are a lot of unnatural links on two sites that appear similar, Google gives them a negative ranking. So, do not exchange links just for the sake of ranking but prioritize the value of content and link.

Work on your link-building SEO to enjoy ranking!

Appearing on the first page of the search engines has become extremely important for businesses. It is the guarantee that they are providing the required knowledge, information, or service to the users. Natural links can provide significant support in this regard.

So, do not ignore link building or just create numerous backlinks without focusing on their quality. Only the professional can create natural links that can rank higher in search engines. So do not hesitate to rely on them and enjoy success.

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