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The UK Post-Study Work Visa – Guidelines and FAQs

Last year the UK government announced its upcoming two-year post-study work visa that will allow students to stay in the UK for two years after graduation. The UK is one of the top education destinations in the world and is home to some of the top-ranking excellent universities and programs. Another amazing feature of the UK is its rich history and high living standards.

This upcoming post-study work visa will make the UK a more attractive education destination option. This new visa will commence from 2021 and will be open to all international students who have valid immigration status as students in the UK.

UK 2-Year Post-study Work Visa – General Guidelines and FAQs

While the British Government is yet to release a full set of guidelines related to its upcoming 2-year post-study work visa, the following information is available so far. Continue reading and be among the first to take advantage of this opportunity!

Graduate Immigration Route

The British Government is initiating this 2-year post-study work visa in the UK to recruit and retain some of the best global talents. And also to increase opportunities for international students to take part in research and science. Students will be eligible for this graduate route visa if:

  1. They have earned a bachelor’s or above degree from any higher education institution in the UK in summer 2021 or later.
  2. They have a valid Tier 4 student visa when you are applying for the Graduate route visa.
  3. Students have a good track record in terms of compliance with all the rules and regulations in the UK.

Keep in mind that you cannot apply for the Graduate route if your Tier 4 visa expires prior to the application. For more information regarding your program and university, consider contacting education consultants in Pakistan and prepare your documents for university application and Graduate route visa.

Similarly, in the case of distance learning due to COVID-19, you will be eligible for the Graduate route visa if you:

  1. Arrive in the UK any time before April 6th, 2021.
  2. Complete your last/ final semester in the UK at your university.

UK 2-year Post-Study Work Visa – FAQs

Some of the common frequently asked questions about the upcoming Graduate Immigration Route visa are answered below:

1. Do I need university sponsorship for the graduate route?

No. You do NOT need to have any sponsorship from your university or professor to apply for the Graduate Immigration Route visa.

2. Will there be any restriction on work I will be able to do with the visa?

There are no restrictions on work that you can pursue with the visa. Similarly, there is no minimum salary, either. You can seek any job related to your degree or other areas of your choice during the graduate route visa.

3. Will I still be able to apply for the visa if I don’t find a job after graduation?

In order to qualify for the Graduate Immigration Route visa, you don’t have to work. Your period of employment or unemployment will not affect the length of your graduate route visa. If you find to have a job after graduation, you can still apply for this visa.

4. Do I have to apply for the graduate Immigration Route if I already have a Tier 4 visa?

Yes, even if you have a Tier 4 visa, you need to apply separately for Graduate Immigration Route visa before your Tier 4 visa expires.

5. Can I apply for the Graduate route visa if I am studying online during COVID-19?

Graduate Immigration Route will be introduced from the summer of 2021. You can apply for the Graduate route visa even if you are part of a university program through distance learning if you arrive in the UK before April 6th, 2021, to complete the last semester at the university.

6. Will there be a separate fee for the Graduate Route visa?

Yes, even if you have a Tier 4 student visa, you need to pay a separate fee for the Graduate Immigration Route visa. Apart from the visa fee, you will also have to pay Immigration Health Surcharge for each year. For example, for immigration visas, the health surcharge is around £400 per year and £300 per year for students on Tier 5 visa.

For more information on fees, consider contacting education consultants that have access to the latest information.

7. What happens when my Graduate Immigration Route visa expires?

As Graduate Immigration Route Visa is for two years after graduation. So at the end of the two years, you need to leave the UK. If you don’t wish to leave and want to settle in the UK, you can apply for a Tier 2 work visa. But for the Tier 2 visa, you need to have an employment offer with a minimum salary level.

So, make sure to look for a job during your Graduate Route visa to be eligible for a Tier 2 General work visa.

Apply Away to Study and Settle in the UK!

As the British council is yet to clarify all the details regarding Graduate Immigration Route Guidelines and fees. This is all the information currently available. This visa will offer a lot of opportunities for students in the UK to look for jobs after graduation and settle down in the UK. So, if you want to avail yourself of this fantastic opportunity, apply to a UK university today in your favorite program. And be eligible for the graduate immigration route visa. This might be your chance to make your wish come true and settle in the UK.

With this information, you can be among the first group of people to benefit from this opportunity. Don’t waste any more time and apply away to a university in the UK.

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