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5 Website Design Optimization Tactics to Increase Conversion

A lot goes into building an eCommerce business, especially in this increasingly competitive digital world with the evolution of e-commerce. Online retail store is all about encouraging customers to buy from your business. This phenomenon is called conversion, and it is the most critical factor when it comes to building your business and generating revenue.

“Conversion” is a broad topic because it is impacted by several aspects of user experience on the online platform, from visual presentation to small details. Most consumers’ decisions are based on emotions rather than logic; the majority of the time, it is our subconscious making the decisions.

Here is How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate with Website Optimization

People often spend considerable time and resources in driving traffic to their online store, but most of them focus too little on ensuring that customers actually buy something. It is essential to increase the conversion rate, i.e., ensuring that visitors turn into customers to improve sales and overall ROI.

This article talks about website optimization to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce store for a guaranteed increase in sales.

1. Unique Items

Instead of going for a monotonous website layout and design, use unique items and colors to make information on your online store pop. Human Psychology reveals that human beings remember unique details more quickly than uniform items. Hence, it is recommended to consult with eCommerce solutions providers in Dubai when it comes to designing a responsive online e-commerce platform.

Here are some of the ways to increase appeal in your online store:

  • Make your products prominent by using “Call-to-Action.” Use phrases like “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” with bold colors like red or orange to make them stand out from the rest of the page.
  • Use directions and arrows to draw the viewer’s eyes across the page towards the action areas like “Add to Basket.” You can also use graphics that are looking in a particular direction to nudge visitors towards your desired action.

Go for fonts, infographics, and images to attract your customer’s attention and make them want to buy the product. Your website layout plays a huge role in increasing sales and improving conversion, so get guidance from a web design company and make your website stand out compared to your competitors.

2. Cognitive Ease

Cognitive Ease measures how easy our brains can process a piece of information. It can alter how a customer feels about a product and their buying decisions. The last thing you want is your customers to feel confused or unclear.

It is a well-understood fact that companies with easy-to-pronounce product names do better with companies that share complex information with users. Use all possible elements like graphics, fonts, infographics, etc., to simplify your website for online shopping.

Here are some of the ways to help you use this principle to increase conversion:

  • Make your product prices simple to decrease cognitive strain on viewers. Instead of using prices with long syllables like $24.56, use simple prices like $25.10.
  • Customers process prices differently depending upon the products (i.e., non-luxury essentials and products that make us happy). Hence, it is better to round up products like clothing to make them easier to process. Instead of using $19.99, go for $20.
  • You can use prices like $19.99 because customers primarily focus on the first digits when it comes to essentials.

3. Incorporate the Anchoring Effect

The Anchoring Effect causes customers to rely too heavily on the first piece of information that they receive. Human beings don’t consider the intrinsic value of something, but they make decisions by comparing the prices of multiple products.

Here are some of the ways to use the Anchoring Effect to improve your website optimization:

  • Always display a higher price first, and it becomes an anchor from which they start making comparisons. After that first price, cheaper products will appear more attractive.
  • Display large numbers to your customers. You can use these numbers in any form, e.g., online store visitors per month, members, satisfied customers, and online customers at present.
  • Display your products in descending price with the most expensive item placed at first and so on. This will make your overall products seem cheaper and more attractive when they make comparisons.
  • When your product is discounted, always show the viewers the original price and discounted price to emphasize the value of a lower discount price.

4. Incorporate Social Proof and Reviews

The study reveals that around 88% of the consumers trust online social reviews and personal recommendations from their trusted contacts. Hence, people are driven to engage in behavior that others have tried before.

When a customer hesitates to buy a product, he will search for online reviews of the product before making the purchase. Millennials trust user-generated content, including online user reviews, 50% more than other media, for example, add campaigns.

Facebook Testimonials can be used to include social proof in your online store. But it is more than just adding 5-star reviews and words.

Here are some of the ways to use social proof to your advantage:

  • Include social media testimonials by providing as much detail as possible about the reviewer so customers can identify them as real people. Consider their name, city, and even photos.
  • Include sales figures showing how many people have bought the product. You can also track product activity like “4 people have recently purchased this product” or “only 5 left in stock!”

5. Split-Attention Effect

This idea comes into effect when you need multiple information to understand a product. If you assemble information so that words are on one page and images on the other, it’s harder for consumers to process information.

When you are designing your online eCommerce platform and have more than one piece of information to show, presenting the information in one location could make it easier for the buyer to decide. It also means that you should strategically place all information to make it easier for the customer to purchase the products. It is recommended to consult with an eCommerce solutions company to design a perfect online platform for your targeted customers.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • When the customer reaches the checkout page, don’t confuse him and remove exit points and home page options. Removing these will allow the customer to focus on the main goal, i.e., payment.
  • Don’t place advertisements above your product list because you want your customers to be entirely focused on the products.
  • Instead of making a big registration form, split the form for payment into small sections that customers can gradually unlock when the previous section is filled.
  • Ask for credit card details last. First, just display the billing information and cart.

Make Your eCommerce Business Thrive

Marketing is a very complex area, but you can increase your conversion rate if you understand what drives your customers. These website optimization tactics will make you easy to use, making the shopping experience more straightforward for customers.

Get creative and make smart choices to improve conversion and increase your ROI.

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