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Top 10 Ways Technology Has Transformed The Web Design Industry

All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.–Bill Watterson

Thanks to technological advancement, the number of online users is soaring with every passing day. The web world is thriving progressively, with around 4.4 billion active inhabitants and the availability of more than 1.8 billion websites. It indicates that the internet is evolving quickly due to rapid technological advancement. Why not? Every day you hear something new about the technology transforming the web design industry innovatively.

Nevertheless, website designing and development resources have changed considerably from static to dynamic to ensure higher web efficiency and usability. In this regard, the role of technology in the evolution of web design trends is significantly important because it’s all about the way tech-gadgets work across the globe.

The paper aims to present a critical overview of the potential impact of technological advancement on the website designing tools and techniques to highlight the transformational facts and features.

Impact of Technology on the Web Design Industry

There is no denying that technology has a strong influence on the ways information is accessed over the internet. Not only this, it has changed the patterns of information navigation and digestion on the websites.

So, the future of technology is already here, as you can see a transition from heavy PCs to lightweight handheld smartphones. Let’s have a brief overview of the changing face of the web design industry as a result of technological advancement.

Innovation in Web Designing Platforms

Presently, most websites are designed using the most innovative programming platforms. The technology has helped the designers develop clean themes and responsive websites without a little requirement of hand-coding. For example, the latest WordPress framework 5.0 has changed the ways of web page creation and designing altogether, assisting the web designers in integrating optimal flexibility and robustness in web designing.

Additionally, the presence of Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and other such platforms is fostering a culture of built-in themes and web templates that work well for general-purpose websites. In this way, it is expected that web developers will not necessarily be obsolete. Still, they have to come up with quite different yet customized skill sets to meet the designing and development requirements of the websites. It is owing to the reason that machine learning-driven web programming interfaces are on the way!

Minimized Design Complexity for Optimization:

Reportedly, the growing business need for effective utilization of the webspace has contributed significantly to augmenting the overall complexity. To respond to this, technology offers several working methodologies to optimize the efforts and time consumption in front-end UI design and back-end coding configurations.

However, the traditional methods used for UI elements designing have transformed considerably to serve the purpose optimally. Most of the work can be accomplished through dragging and dropping the already designed elements to reduce complexity. Additionally, the project management processes are optimized by designing tools to minimize the complexity of websites.

The Emergence of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Considering the increase in internet surfing from smartphones, one can say that the mobile-first will be a constant reality. Around 82 percent of the potential customers explore their desired products over the internet using their smartphones. So, Google has changed the website ranking algorithms accordingly to ensure a higher preference for mobile-friendly websites.

Even at this point, technology saved the back of web developers and the businesses that want to see their websites listed in the top rankings of Google. An open-source named Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has emerged to make the website surfing experience more inspiring by eliminating the need for unnecessary data loading in browsers every time. It will be done with the help of the Google AMP cache.

Active Use of Voice Search:

Technology advancement has revolutionized the use of the internet and website surfing altogether with the release of voice search support. It may not be a new thing for the majority of the people, but it is something very important for all and sundry, especially when it comes to navigating through the websites.

Therefore, integrating voice search facilities has become a fundamental requirement for web designers to fulfill to ensure user-friendly websites. According to Forbes, the voice search option is expected to grow considerably as more than half of the online searches will be made using this feature by 2022, as voice-first is getting higher significance across the globe. It has opened new avenues of innovation for web designing as well as for the business people.

Optimization of Browser Loading Time

Rapidity and swiftness are the most evident outcomes of advancement in technology. It has equally influenced the field of web design because today’s internet users will not keep patient when it comes to information retrieval from websites. In fact, 47% of potential customers expect two seconds or less time required for their desired website to be loaded into the browser.

Therefore, the website owners have to make sure that their website meets the consumers’ set criterion. As a response to this, the website design Dubai professional looks for technological tools to enhance the browser-loading speed of the websites.

Chatbots Replaced Real Human Interaction

Along with the advancement in web development tools and techniques, the ways of communication in the digital world have also transformed. All the credit goes to the technology as chatbots are becoming the modern customer support assistants while limiting the interaction with real human beings over the web interfaces.

In this regard, artificially intelligent brains can understand the queries asked by potential customers and respond accordingly. The communication is so wise and to the point that no internet user can distinguish between the Chabot from the real individuals. You can term this phenomenon as a miracle caused by technology because intricate algorithms combine textual or auditory methods to carry out highly purposeful conversations.

Revolution in Videos and Animated Tools

There is no denying that animated data has become an integral part of web design over the past years. It is considered an influential information sharing and communication medium through web pages. Considering this, the innovators of technology have worked day and night, and the result is 3D modeling in video graphics. So, one can transform tons of information into visual animations to increase the efficiency and popularity of the website’s content.

The most recent advancement in technology concerning video and animations is the Adobe Character Animator. It is considered the most innovative application software to enrich the information with high-tech operationalization. So, the outlook of website design has considerably transformed, giving rise to rapidly moving objects and animations.

Augmented Reality Deployment in Web Design

Virtual reality (VR) is the new face of technology advancement where individuals can experience an alternative world regardless of the real situations. Augmented reality is used to create a virtual world through digital imaging that permits the users to feel an added reality of digitalization.  The influence of virtual reality is increasing, particularly in the realm of eCommerce.

It is evident from the fact that businesses are striving hard to offer their potential customers real exposure to the products and services by adding the elements of virtual augmentation. For example, now, people can try their selected clothing or favorite spectacles just by sitting in front of their PCs and smart devices, which is amazing. So, it is safe to say that the integration of VR into web design has pushed the evolution of ecommerce to the next level of innovation for higher customer satisfaction.

The Rising Integration of IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new addition to the technology that has attracted the attention of businesspeople and web developers alike. It is because IoT comes up with optimal sophistication and elegance of functional quality in the discipline of web design by allowing autonomous features.

Recent research shows that more than 20 billion devices based on IoT will be made alive over the internet by 2020. It means that technology has opened a brand new world for website designing professionals who should focus on improving quality of life through adaptive features.

Growth in Web Security Features

Technology is not all about functionality, design, and elegance in website designing. It is more concerned about emerging threats to information security. It is because the widespread information over the internet has attracted the negative minds to exploit it for their vested interests. So, the responsibility of comprehensive security for the websites is obligatory for the technology experts and leaders.

In this way, the industry of web design has seen massive growth as various security features have been introduced based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Additionally, One cannot deny the role of IoT in ensuring advanced security for web pages for both public and private communication networks. This is done to ensure risk-free web surfing for information retrieval and online shopping.

Conclusion: Technology is Empowering Web Design Industry

Although the quest to understand the influence of technology on the web design industry was long but highly informative, remember!

“Your website is the center of your digital eco-system; as a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.” ― Leland Dieno.

The business website is considered the basic unit of identity over the internet. Therefore, researchers, technology experts, web designers, and business people should stay informed with the latest design concepts, techniques, and trends to stay ahead in innovation using technology.

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