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Top Creative and Out of The Box Ideas to Accommodate Sponsors in Virtual Events

The year 2021 has completely changed the event industry. Even in countries like the United Arab Emirates, where no day went without some event, people were confined to their homes and found little activity and entertainment in virtual events. Apart from the event industry, the year has caused a blow to the brands and businesses that were actively engaged in sponsoring events.

The events are a major source for most businesses to create brand awareness or support their cause. They can showcase their products or just make the attendees aware of their existence and purpose through sponsored setups in traditional events. The involvement of the sponsors in the virtual events has become too low, as it requires types of events and strategic planning execution.

Dig deeper into this article to explore creative and out-of-the-box sponsorship ideas to accommodate sponsors in your next virtual event.

Top 8 Creative Sponsorship Ideas for Virtual Events

Attracting the attention of attendees for sponsored content and activity is quite easy in the onsite events. On the other hand, in the case of virtual events, engaging the audience is already tricky enough. They would not like sitting ten extra minutes in front of the screens to learn about the promotional content of some sponsor. However, if you include it strategically, you can win in getting their attention and conveying your point.

Here are some out-of-the-box sponsorship ideas you can include in your virtual events.

1). Sponsored Registration Promo Code

Virtual events also require registration and buying tickets to secure entry to the event. This is one of the perfect slots to engage the sponsors and inform the target audience about their involvement. Most organizers acquire the help of event companies in Abu Dhabi to get sponsors on board and launch the event registration process with their promo code.

2). Sponsored Entertainment Activities

Entertainment activities are a crucial part of the virtual event. Without such activities, you might be unable to make your audience stick to the screens for longer. On the other hand, you might not have enough budget to include entertainment activities. You can always look up to the sponsors to get entertainers onboard and gain the appreciation of event attendees.

3). Sponsored Awareness Campaigns

Most virtual events include an awareness campaign that does not get much popularity and response due to improper scaling. To create an awareness campaign that resonates with the attendees and makes them take the desired action, you can include sponsors to scale up the level of the campaign.

4). Sponsored Icebreaking Activities

The shift of the event industry due to the pandemic has given rise to the popularity of virtual networking events. Some people are reluctant to converse comfortably online, impacting their performance and gains in an online networking event. You can help them get comfortable and make the most of their experience with the help of sponsors by including sponsored icebreaking activities.

5). Sponsored Surprise Food Delivery

Who does not love a surprise and that too of free food! No one! Sponsored surprise food delivery is one of the most creative and pleasing ideas for engaging sponsors in your event. Plan a surprise food delivery to the attendees by the mid of the event. Arrange an online break during which attendees can enjoy the food and converse freely.

6). Sponsored Event Games

Virtual games are the biggest weakness of the generation of this era. There can be no better way of getting their attention and keeping them engaged than including virtual games in your event. However, not all virtual games are free. This is the point where you can get sponsors on board. Include sponsored virtual games in your events, and please the attendees and sponsors equally.

7). Sponsored Event Giveaways

The biggest reason people like onsite events was that they often included surprise giveaways. The virtual events rarely have any giveaways. You can catch your virtual audience by sharing giveaways. If your budget does not allow this, you can get in touch with professionals to connect you with sponsors and ensure to arrange a memorable event with their help.

8). Sponsored Exhibitions

A little art lover is hidden in every individual. Instead of making your event attendees listen to promotional content, you can make them experience virtual exhibition visits, which they will surely like. This will also help include sponsors in a natural but creative manner. You can hire event companies to connect with sponsors and arrange an exhibition tour and your general event pattern.

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Arrange Sponsored Virtual Events to Gain More Recognition!

Getting sponsors on board often helps the organizers scale up the level of the event, which the attendees also appreciate. However, they fail to do so due to poor connections or poor engagement strategies. Do not suffer on your own if you lack a solid plan. Get in touch with professional event organizers and sit back to enjoy a perfectly organized, memorable event.

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