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7 Types of Scholarships in Europe for International Students

Many of us have the wrong idea of what education is. Most students live out their entire lives in one country or city and complete their educational tenures, not realizing what a huge impact it has on their creative imaginations. You can only think vastly if you have met all kinds of people, and seen all kinds of things. Earth, as you know it, will only be earth for you if you have seen it and come to know of it. This is why it is vital for students to travel and expose themselves and what better way to do that than a scholarship.

If you are an aspiring student looking for opportunities to study abroad, the chances are that you would find the costs of international education rather challenging. In such cases, a scholarship would help you pay through college.

Different types of scholarships available in Europe for International Students

There are different kinds of scholarships available for international students who aspire to study in Germany, the UK, and other European universities. There are different eligibility criteria for various scholarship programs, depending upon their coverage and duration.

The following are some of the types of scholarships in Europe that you can avail for your study abroad program.

1. Need-based scholarships

This scholarship offers assistance to those students whose guardians cannot afford to cover tuition. It is based on one’s financial background. To confirm your eligibility, the scholarship committee assesses your complete financial status, which includes documents like family’s income status, tax reports, citizenship, number of household members, and their employment status.

2. Merit-based scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to those students who demonstrate excellent performance in the academic area. The scholarship committee may offer full or partial tuition coverage depending upon your grade. Scholarships under this category are also provided for students belonging from specific countries and ethnic backgrounds.

Some merit-based scholarships are solely offered to women who want to pursue their educational degrees abroad. The scope of awards under this category is quite broad, so make sure to get assistance from education consultants in Islamabad to help you get a scholarship that fits your needs before the deadlines.

3. Individual Scholarships

Individual scholarships are usually related to certain degrees or levels of study. For example, engineering or bio-sciences students can directly contact university professors with their research proposals. If the project gets accepted and your supervisor officially confirms that he will support you through his research fund, then you can study abroad without any tuition fee.

These types of scholarships are also awarded by individual foreign schools or private donors who are affiliated with universities and have set up a trust for this purpose. This scholarship solely depends upon your educational background and expertise.

4. Government Scholarships

Government scholarships are a great source of financial aid to help international students in perusing their education journey abroad. For these scholarships, you have to contact the respective embassies in your country. The application for these scholarships includes a well written personal statement and a genuine letter of motivation.

The application for government scholarships is very lengthy, so a more accessible approach is to get in touch with education consultants to help you with the process as the majority of the European embassies are located in Islamabad. They can easily contact the embassies for guidelines.

5. Scholarship for Ethnic Minorities

There are certain scholarships for ethnic minorities or genders from certain commonwealth countries to help them with pursuing their degrees in multiple European countries. These scholarships also provide candidates with a work placement for a specific period in the host country.

6. Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are offered to athletes who want to pursue their careers abroad. These scholarships are offered by universities who wish to recruit these individuals with high caliber for their athletic teams. This is a full coverage scholarship, but the student has to keep up with his athletic routine, making sure his grades don’t fall at the same time.

7. University Scholarships in Europe

Several European universities offer scholarships and grants awarded to you automatically when you apply for a program. Your academic advisor or a good education consultant can recommend you different scholarships in Europe that you qualify for depending upon your academic transcripts, financial need, and interests.

These education consultants have signed MoU with several universities and can easily help you secure a scholarship abroad with maximum coverage.

Scholarship Coverage

Almost all of the scholarships in European universities cover 30%, 50%, or 100% tuition fee, which includes the cost of studying, cost of books, cost of printing of a thesis, etc. There are however full coverage scholarships that cover the following expenses:

  • Airfare (a return air ticket is also included, provided at the end of your program)
  • Monthly living allowance (depending on your degree level)
  • Research allowance
  • Settlement allowance
  • Program tuition fee: full or partial coverage
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa application fee
  • Language training fee

Apply for scholarships in Europe and keep your fingers crossed!

The article has talked about various types of scholarships that you can avail of for continuing your educational journey in Europe. So, apply for as many scholarships as possible, as you don’t know which one you will end up getting!

Prepare the required documents, get creative with your statement of purpose, and send out applications. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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