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Top 10 Universities in Ireland for International Students

Despite being an island with a roughly 5 million population, the Republic of Ireland hosts several best higher universities. Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world; that is why it is becoming a top study abroad destination for international students. Irish universities rank in the top 3% of the global ranking.

Irish universities and schools are globally connected, providing excellent career opportunities to their students worldwide. Ireland is famous for its friendly people, great history, and beautiful green countryside. It has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Eurozone, making it the best option for international students.

List of Top Universities in Ireland for International Students

If you wish to study in Ireland and work at a leading global company after graduation, keep reading it as we highlight the best universities in Ireland. According to the data collected by Time Higher Education’s World University Ranking, we present to you the top ten universities in the Republic of Ireland.

1. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest and highest-ranking universities in Ireland. It was established in 1592 and is considered as Irish equivalent to the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. Trinity College Dublin is located at the heart of the Irish capital, Dublin.

Just like Oxford and Cambridge, the university offers a vast range of courses, including zoology, acting, business, political science, arts, etc. To secure admission in the world’s one of the oldest institutes, we recommend getting in touch with a study abroad consultant in Islamabad, that can also help you secure scholarships.

2. RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences stands as the largest medical school in Ireland located in Dublin, with training in medicine provided through three separate affiliated hospitals.

It holds the #1 rank by Times Higher Impact Ranking 2020, reflected by its unique approach toward case-based learning early on in medical education to better prepare the students and keep their practice up-to-date.

3. University College Dublin

Established in 1854, the University College of Dublin has long since expanded into 6 colleges and 37 schools providing quality education in the fields of arts, business, engineering, architecture, health and agriculture, social sciences, etc. The university’s research institutes with an income of 114.1 million euros hold the distinction of developing Ireland’s first satellite.

The university has now been declared the university of the year 2020 by The Sunday Times.

4. National University of Ireland, Galway

Beholden to all five stars of the QS, the university offers education in all major core subjects, it also provides its students with 150 active academics, artistic, and religious societies, and over 40 sports clubs so that the students can enjoy extra-curricular indulgences. Holding firm positions in numerous world rankings, the university continues to improve its standards.

5. University College Cork

University College Cork provides a vast research platform in subjects of Celtic studies, commerce, engineering, food sciences, law, medicine, and science. It practices technological headway with its growing social media presence and the use of websites and databases.

Famous TV personalities such as Graham Norton, Cillian Murphy, and Fiona Shaw are a few of its many notable alumni.

6. University of Limerick

With the best sports facilities in the country, the University of Limerick is known to produce the most employable graduates in Ireland. It continually improves its standards by enrolling numerous international students and creating an environment for innovation and maximal intercultural engagement among its students.

7. Maynooth University

Established in 1997, Maynooth University is still fairly young, but its rapid growth and impeccable rankings provide it a good spot on this list. It is the only institute outside of North America to be included in the Princeton Review of Best Colleges.

Social sciences, engineering, and arts are the core subjects offered. It is unique in its holding cultural evenings on campus to have students discuss and appreciate various notable personages from around the world.

8. Dublin City University

Dublin City University, established in 1989, is a primarily research-based institution with a separate 10-acre campus for research innovation along with schools for engineering, social sciences, education, and health. The university also has a reputable network of graduate entrepreneurs that help students in building their unique, individual talents.

9. Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology is famous for programs like mechanical engineering, architecture, product design, construction, pharmaceutical, etc. The institute focuses on research-based learning and provides state-of-the-art laboratories for its students to experiment. It has one of the highest international student employment rates.

This university is best for students with an engineering background who want to specialize in a specific field. It also offers research scholarships and fellowships to international students, so get in touch with education consultants to study in Ireland free of cost.

10. Technological University Dublin

The university is an amalgamation of three technological institutes in Ireland since 2019, providing courses in computer science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The facilities will remain purely technical and seek to provide renewed high-quality education in these subjects to promote an entrepreneurial interest in their students.

Want to Study at One of the Best Universities in Ireland?

As an international student, you will surely get a warm welcome in Ireland. And did you know that Ireland is ranked 4th on the World Happiness Index! So, consult with a study abroad expert and apply away to your favorite Irish universities. And get a chance to learn from one of the world’s best faculty and avail of research opportunities.

Universities in Ireland offer multiple courses to their students, so find the right program for yourself and apply it away. Good Luck!

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