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10 Factors that Influence the Value of a Backlink

Your webpage is an outlet for your creativity. It combines your skills and knowledge into an attractive product. Users of the internet scan search engines to find these products. When you use SEO tactics, you become more visible to your audience. According to Impact’s blog, 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than Pay-per-clicks. Part of the SEO strategy is link building. However, a question arises, what makes my link so valuable? Without a helpful link, you end up reducing your ranking. Here’s how you identify potential links:

1) Page Authority (PA): 

A web page’s domain or page authority determines if the link is valuable. Suppose you’re linking to a popular blog. The blog, given its traffic, will have a high search engine ranking and contain links that will boost your order. These are quality links and the kind you should include in your web content. However, suppose you choose to interact with further connections from the top-ranking pages. In that case, you may introduce a faulty link to your content. Not only will this reduce your page authority, but chances are also the link may not be helpful or broken.


2) Relevance: 

The links must flow with the content. You can’t have a link that doesn’t fit with the context. It’s not a good practice to mislead users, especially if you’re competing for a high ranking. You can quickly look for links that add more content to your information or build on your web page’s knowledge.


3) Traffic: 

Links that bring more traffic are the ones you need. That is why it is essential to find helpful content relevant and get an influx of traffic. Useful links become an integral part of your backlink strategy. The logic behind this concept is simple. Traffic entails the number of visitors stopping at a web page. The search engine is all about pushing popular pages into the public eye. When it notices activity on a web page, chances are your website will steadily rise in ranks and land in the top results.


4) Uniqueness

No one wants to see the same links over and over. You want your content to shine in more than one way. A unique content goes beyond using exciting words and themes. It is also finding unique backlinks. You need to employ your search engine skills to make sure you’re able to get those links. That is why content creation is a highly structured process and can get tedious.


5) Do Follow Or No-Follow: 

These are HTML tags to control the ranking power that would go to your website’s other pages. Do follow links are quality links, and you would want the ranking power to pass through your web content. No-follow links are the opposite. In most cases, you employ them if you feel they are an excellent addition to your content but unfortunately come with low domain authority. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to drag your ranking down in the pursuit of lucrative content.


6) Anchor Text: 

These are other HTML tags that inform the search engine about your content. Think of them as guides for your users and the search engine. An anchor text informs the user what they should expect before they click on the link, and at the same time, it tells the search engine what to expect from your content. That is a good practice as you’re not trying to deceive either the search engine or your users with spammy links for the sake of building content.


7) User Engagement: 

It is not enough to have content brimming with links. The search engine needs to know if the links are helpful or not. If users are weaving through your content without paying attention to the links, it will make no sense to add this to your web page ranking. You can employ a backlink analysis to conduct a web page audit and understand where you stand as a web page creator in the ranking system.


8) Link’s Age: 

It is imperative. A link is not like fine wine. With age, it doesn’t get better. Old links, though, may have a higher viewership. They are highly irrelevant. They are suitable for the time frame they were made for but no longer applicable to modern content. The information would be old. The web page itself won’t conform to any SEO practices, making it a redundant link. Look for links that follow the SEO protocol and have information that matters.


9) Prior Links from the Same Domain: 

You may be wondering if diverse links matter more than the quality of the link. This concept is an old SEO practice. The search engine now cares more for quality than diversity. Sure, you need to have unique links, but that doesn’t mean they need to be diverse. When talking about diversity in link building, it usually entails picking links from other domains. Instead of going for various links from different low domains, stick to high domains with more authoritative links to get a sound footing in your link-building strategy.


10) Spam Links: 

The search engine does not react lightly to spam links. You may feel an urge to add as many links as possible, but you may end up doing more damage than good unless their domain has merit. Make sure the links you engage with aren’t broken or no longer usable. Always keep track of your content and refresh older content as much as possible. Being a good web creator goes beyond building new content; it is also about maintaining what you already have.


Wrap Up

When working on your link-building strategy, you should be aware of what affects a link. It includes its domain authority, relevance, popularity, and uniqueness. The end goal of all of these strategies is to have a popular web page rich in content and an influx of traffic. If you try to outsmart the search engine with spam-worthy links, you invite more trouble for yourself than good. Ensure you always pick links from reputable sources that add to your content and are part of a good SEO practice to rise in the ranking system.


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