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Top 5 Features of Web Push Notifications To Increase Conversions

Are you looking for ways to cut your customer acquisition cost? Look no further as web push notifications are precisely what your business might be missing. Push Notifications are pop-up messages that appear on browsers or online devices that are clickable.

There are multiple channels out there when it comes to digital marketing. Still, the most important one that ensures customer engagement through every step is web push notifications. These notifications with a perfect blend of other marketing channels can really turn up your conversion rates.

Essentials of a Good Web Push Notification Strategy

Web push notifications are a great marketing strategy to boost the customer base. This strategy is newer than most existing ones in digital marketing but is the most significant one, especially over the last few years.

Let us look at some of the top essentials of a good web push notification strategy.

1. Call-to-Action:

Call-to-Action is essential for boosting user engagement. A CTA button in your push notification nudges the customer to take a particular action. For this, you need to create action-oriented content with a sense of urgency to increase engagement. Always remember that CTA content improves marketing results by 40 percent. Here are a few ways to use this to your advantage:

  • Create content according to your target audience. Use persuasive language to increase engagement.
  • Don’t put too much focus on writing fancy words: try to keep the message clear and straightforward.
  • Avoid using jargon, use simple words, and keep them hooked with catchy words.
  • Create a sense of urgency by tempting viewers to take specific actions; otherwise, they will miss out on the biggest sale, etc. Present them with an action plan to get a discount on the website.

2. Attractive Visuals and Compelling Content:

With smartphones and tablets, companies use rich push notifications in this digital age, which allows them to engage customers through enticing visuals, GIFs, videos, etc. Companies like Apple use rich notifications to increase traffic. For example, their application USA Today has 95% of their notifications with rich media, which has led to an 18% increase in app opens per month.

Make your push notifications more enticing and clickable by using colorful visuals to create an emotional connection with the customers. According to human psychology, colors and graphics improve engagement and increase retention.

Forrester’s study reveals that only 8 percent of companies use rich push notifications in their marketing strategy. So, use this strategy to increase conversion rates and stand out from your competitors. However, graphics can slow down your web content; therefore, it is recommended to consult with the best web development company in Dubai, to customize graphics according to your requirements.

3. Personalization:

Push notifications work wonders if it is tailored according to your customers. This approach is called Personalization. You cannot expect a single marketing campaign to work for your whole customer base. Therefore, it is essential to segment your target audience before marketing. Click-through rates of a segmented targeted campaign are 1.5 to 2 times higher than results without it.

A personalized approach is essential when it comes to push notifications because it fosters brand loyalty and increases engagement. Here are a few ways to use this strategy to increase conversion:

  • Segment your audience according to their age, gender, demographics, website activities, and browsing history, and personalize push notifications accordingly.
  • Add a personal touch to your notification message instead of a universal message for all.
  • Send specific notifications to different segments based on their search history, and consider different types of products or services that best suit them.

4. Timing is Essential:

Sending web push notifications during the dead of the night will get you nowhere. Before sending push notifications, take into consideration your user’s time zone. Take note of their location and send notifications based on time zone to contact them when they are active on their devices. The study shows that the delivery rate at night and early morning is around 35%, and in the evening and afternoon, it is at 60%.

The number of notifications depends on the type of site, but it should be one per day maximum for most companies. More push notifications per day have a greater chance of irritating your subscribers, and they may find it annoying. So a gentle approach of one per day is vital. Therefore, segment your customers based on time zones and target them accordingly.

5. Retarget and Re-engage:

Engaging first-time users is easy, but making sure they keep engaging, in the long run, requires a strong strategy and a lot of work. Imagine, once a customer has brought a product or used up his free trial of an app or software, he has no reason to come back. With millions of apps in the app store, chances are he will completely forget that he ever subscribed for your service or product. This is where push notifications come in.

Push notifications to ensure that customers keep re-engaging, leading to an increase in overall retention. Since customers bounce off from website to website, push notifications to keep them active. This strategy requires consistency, so you can also consult with web development companies in Dubai for an automated targeting system as push notifications reach almost 80% of all internet users.

Here are ways to leverage this to your advantage:

  • Send your subscribers notifications about price drops on recommended products based on their purchase history.
  • Share new articles with your customers based on their browsing history.
  • Use the Gamification technique to engage and retain your customers. These push notifications really help in the reduction of churn rate. For example, use words like “Level 3 unlocked! Start Now.”

Attract Customers with Creative Push Notifications

Web push notifications still remain uncharted territory for most businesses when it comes to marketing. It provides an excellent opportunity for increasing not only the conversion rate but also customer retention. If this strategy is used efficiently, your brand will stand out from your competitors.

A well-targeted push notification strategy has the potential to boost your overall website traffic, conversion rate, and ROI more than other marketing strategies. So, are you using push notifications for your website?

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