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Why You Should Prefer Using Drupal For Website Development

Are you looking around for one of the best solutions for your website’s development? If your answer is “Yes”, then you are certainly in the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the best open-source content management framework (Drupal) that you should preferably use for web development.

Top 12 reason why use Drupal for development

Drupal is the most popular CMS framework and best web solutions that you could use for your website development. It is a highly scalable and agile framework. It offers the most powerful web development solutions, which is why most web development companies prefer using it. Many open source communities provide their expertise in Drupal. If you are also looking for the best web solutionsyou should prefer Drupal for web development.

1. Modules and Themes 

Talking about the themes and modules of Drupal, there are hundreds of it. To be precise, there are almost 29,000 modules of Drupal, and more than 2000 themes are available that we could use. There are numerous other benefits and reasons as well, which suggests you should prefer this framework.

2. Multiple Sites

One of the most amazing benefits of Drupal is that you are capable of managing multiple websites. It offers a single platform where you can manage your multiple-websites with much more ease and very much quickly.

3. Drupal is Multilingual

In other development frameworks, it might be difficult for you to develop and manage your websites in different languages. As far as Drupal is concerned, you can build your sites in multiple languages easily. There is no hassle in this particular regard as well, whatsoever.

4. Security

As far as security is concerned, this development platform is highly secure as well. You can deliver the deliveries in patches with complete security without the fear of loss or anything. That’s a fantastic benefit because, in web development, safety and security are the most worrying factor.

5. Extra Scalability

Managing and bearing additional high traffic isn’t a problem for the Drupal framework. It’s highly scalable in this particular regard. Those who are expecting high traffic on their websites should prefer this development framework for hassle-free operations.

6. Open Source Platform

It is an open-source content management framework. This factor makes Drupal one of the best web development solutions because you can get thousands of modules and themes online without too much hassle. This is one of the reasons; more and more people prefer it over other platforms.

7. Customization

Customization of the Drupal themes and modules isn’t rocket science. You can easily change whatever you want. By doing different customizations, you can bring your design and color scheme to life on your website. Using unlimited choices, one fulfills his or her client’s requirements excellently.

8. Fast Operations

All the operations you perform on Drupal don’t take too long. All the customization and edits take place immediately; you don’t need to wait too long for it. So, those who need their website developed in a quick succession of time should prefer it.

9. Enterprise Software

We can call Drupal enterprise software; it is because the enterprises highly recommend it. Its scalability, security, customization options, performance, reliability, and safety makes it so. You can also integrate it with other applications like SAP. So, if you are looking for web solutions in Dubai or somewhere else around the globe, you must prefer using Drupal.

10. Community Support

You also get excellent support in case if you are facing any difficulty in a module or a theme. The entire Drupal community is outstanding, and they love helping those individuals who are facing issues or hassles. Such support might not be available and found at any other platform.

11. Mobile Ready

The Drupal websites are already mobile-ready. This is amazing; it helps you get rid of too much hassle that you have to face in other frameworks. You don’t need to spend a lot of time making your site perfect for the mobiles.

12. Drupal is SEO Friendly

SEO friendliness of a website also matters a huge deal nowadays. In the online market, you can’t rely on a simple website to help you earn projects and clients. It will help if you put a lot of effort into search engine optimization, as well. A Drupal framework is SEO friendly, so it helps a lot in the search engine optimization of your website.

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